ICOs took the world of capital raising by storm in 2017 and have continued their rise ever since. As they change the financial sphere, ICOs require skilled, targeted advertising and branding designed for their unique markets.

Why choose HexaGroup for your ICO marketing?

  • Other “ICO marketing agencies” bring genuine experience, but they frequently outsource actual marketing tasks, and their services consist entirely of project management. 
  • Many coins that other agencies reference as justification for their experience are in fact of limited scope and recognition.
  • HexaGroup brings decades of award-winning marketing and subject matter expertise in blockchain.
  • We have driven growth for many clients in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech sectors through strategic marketing, partnerships and branding.

Creating blockchain marketing strategies, plans and timelines to meet your goals

Whether you preparing to launch your ICO, in the token sale period, or in the post-sale phase, we help you create targeted marketing strategies to meet your goals. 

If you are getting ready for an ICO sale, our in-house experts can create a website, establish your social media presence, and work on brand messaging. If you are in the middle of a sale, we’ll discuss your goals, from digital ad campaigns to cyber threat monitoring. After your sale, we’ll write and schedule investor communications, update your website, or design integrated marketing campaigns to grow your ICO.

ICO Regulations and Blockchain Advertising Experience

We bring experience working with Reg D and Reg CF startups, crowdfunding organizations, blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies. We’ve completed marketing campaigns that comply with ICO legal regulations under U.S.securities laws. Each campaign aims to help you reach your target audience, meet your marketing goals and grow your company.

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