Blackhawk Specialty Tools

Using 3D animation, video and a custom iPad app, HexaGroup helped attract investors to Blackhawk Specialty Tools’ innovative oil and gas technology.

BackgroundFounded in 2008, Blackhawk Specialty Tools’ innovative downhole cementing technology completely changed the game in the oil and gas production industry by preventing the contamination of groundwater and fluid migration. The key: rotation while cementing, which provides total zonal isolation downhole.

Objectives & ChallengesProduction engineers understand why that’s cool, but what about investors? With a small catalog of derived technologies on its hands, Blackhawk found itself a hot commodity, but needed a simple way to explain why the company and its technologies were so valuable.

SolutionHexaGroup created a series of four short, visually-rich 3D animations explaining each of the Blackhawk Specialty Tools products. Each features accurate renderings of the tools built using actual engineering models (with proprietary engineering features left out, of course). The four animations – Offshore Rotating Tool, Deepwater Cementing Products, Onshore Rotating Tool, and Benefits of Casing Rotation – put the viewer downhole, giving a simple, visual explanation and intimate perspective of that particular technology. HexaGroup also created a video overview of Blackhawk’s facility in Houma, Louisiana, and an animated overview of the company’s four-year growth from 2008 to 2012.

HexaGroup then developed a custom iPad app containing the animations, to be used by the Blackhawk Specialty Tools sales team. All content is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

ResultsThe effort paid off. Blackhawk Specialty Tools leadership showed the animations in all meetings with potential investors. The company was successfully sold to Bain Capital in July 2013 for an estimated $200 million. The animations are available on the company’s website,


  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • Video shoot and production
  • Sound design
  • Custom application development