FMC Technologies

Implementing an integrated marketing plan, HexaGroup helped FMC Technologies increase brand awareness, promote thought leadership and generate leads.

BackgroundFMC Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:FTI) is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. Named by FORTUNE® Magazine as the World’s Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment, Service Company in 2012, the company has approximately 16,100 employees and operates 27 production facilities in 16 countries. FMC designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.

FMC is the leader in subsea processing technologies and equipment that enable offshore fields to reach their full potential of extracting energy resources from reservoirs.

ProblemSubsea processing is an emerging and highly competitive category for oil and gas recovery (EOR and IOR). The industry has little branding with companies traditionally competing with generic engineering terms for thought leadership. Although FMC had created a category brand, Maximize Recovery, the market had not embraced FMC as a leadership standard of the emerging industry segment.


  • In many cases IOR / EOR are misunderstood as a Brownfield solution for existing reservoirs, while new growth opportunities are in Greenfield deployments.
  • The audience is select and isolated within silos of disciplines thus creating complex purchase decision making that involves non-subsea facilities experts and multiple buyer influencers. While effective in name awareness, print advertising was not penetrating deep enough into the purchase decision value chain to create a consensus.
  • Industry is risk adverse and skeptical of “new” technologies and, therefore, adoption of game-changing capabilities requires a great deal of education over long periods.

Objectives & ChallengesHexaGroup was contracted by FMC to address the problem and develop a solution that would result in increased awareness and generate leads for the organization. HexaGroup provided a solution centered on a microsite ( promoting thought leadership. The website is promoted through a blend of online marketing activities and traditional communications to create a holistic marketing program.


  • Identify the purchase decision value chain and the hierarchy of decisions that influence buying behavior – The key finding during the interview process showed that the key influencer was the reservoir engineer as he/she can promote the technology early on for Greenfield. The reservoir engineer had historically never been marketed to for such technology.
  • Align content marketing with the purchase decision value chain – HexaGroup developed the website content to specifically address the targeted audience of reservoir engineers and promote Greenfield development. HexaGroup developed a technical document library available to qualified applicants only.
  • Create and deliver holistic marketing, blending digital with traditional communications to embrace the migration patterns of purchase makers as they gather information to learn and validate their decisions.

The elements of the campaign include a mix of activities provided turnkey by HexaGroup.


  • Workshop with FMC SMEs, sales and marketing departments
  • Research
  • Content marketing strategic planning
  • Content development (initial and ongoing)
  • SEO analysis


  • Visual and technical implementation of
  • On-page SEO based on 20 selected keywords
  • Membership based technical library
  • Facebook page
  • YouTube channel
  • CRM integration to distribute leads to global sales teams

Marketing Activities

  • Ongoing content development activities (white papers)
  • Monthly electronic newsletters
  • By-line articles and editorial pieces in key publications
  • Off-page SEO activities
  • Online banner advertising
  • Ongoing social media activities including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Cross merchandise with publications and Society of Petroleum Engineers for white papers and article reprints

Results - Four Months After Launch

  • Integrated campaign has increased category awareness of FMC’s technology breakthroughs across the purchase decision value chain. New sales activity including industry acceptance and endorsement is increasing rapidly.
  • Demonstrated use of a dedicated Web platform targeting key personas for a specific solution is highly successful.
  • The number of members being added to the website is constantly increasing, approaching the 1,000 mark.
  • Website traffic and the number of loyal members is steadily increasing and primary purchase decision makers have been identified.
  • The site also won a Silver Award of Distinction in the 2013 Communicators Awards.