G2 Integrated Solutions Veripipe Campaign

To create product awareness, generate leads, and position G2 Integrated Solutions as an innovative technology leader in the pipeline industry, HexaGroup developed and implemented an effective inbound marketing campaign.


G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) offers consulting and technology services that address asset performance in the pipeline industry. In recent years, G2-IS’ software product catalog expanded rapidly, due to multiple mergers and acquisitions. Facing an urgent need to re-brand the company’s portfolio of software products, define clear and distinct value propositions, and position the company as a pipeline technology innovator, HexaGroup was asked to become the marketing arm of G2-IS. Providing onsite consultants, HexaGroup now manages all marketing responsibilities and requests.

To generate leads, a series of inbound marketing campaigns was planned. The first campaign to launch was for Veripipe, a pipeline records processing software, in the late stage of its product development. Many pipeline operators in the midstream oil and gas industry still used paper archives to record diverse data on their assets. Operators were working with vast amounts of data everywhere, in multiple databases, and even in paper format. Helping clients convert to digital records, Veripipe enables them to operate more efficiently by providing an accurate picture of their pipeline assets and ensuring they input the highest quality data into their Geographic Information System (GIS) and asset management system.

Objectives & Challenges

HexaGroup developed a campaign strategy with three key objectives:

  1. Create product awareness
    Specifically, a key performance indicator was to direct traffic to the appropriate website and campaign pages.
  2. Generate leads for Veripipe
  3. Position G2-IS as an innovative technology leader in the pipeline industry

Lacking formal product launch methodology and established processes, G2-IS faced a significant hurdle to introduce Veripipe, communicate its benefits, and create sufficient brand awareness. The main challenges were to clarify Veripipe’s value proposition, define a compelling message, and create premium content that would attract prospects and nurture them into leads through automatic workflows.


Having identified Veripipe’s personas and target markets, market size, and customers needs to formulate its product positioning, HexaGroup developed an inbound marketing strategy to create awareness for Veripipe. This strategy focused on creating and leveraging numerous informative content pieces.


An hour-long webinar titled, “Advanced Records Management for Greater Confidence, Safety, and Compliance,” presented by a subject matter expert, introduced the key features and advantages of the Veripipe solution. See the webinar registration page.

Premium Downloadable Documents

Various items were created to support the interests of prospects in various stages of the sales funnel. Accessible only after submitting contact information, these documents included:


Multiple posts with targeted keywords supported the campaign: Pipeline MAOP Gets a Data Management Upgrade and Database Transparency & Availability: Creating One Version of the Truth. Each post included a call-to-action to the campaign landing pages, offering the white paper, infographic or brochure as a download for interested prospects.

Social Media

Promoting the webinar and campaign landing pages, posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook fostered engagement, started conversations, and generated new followers and product awareness. Most popular posts included:

Emails and Workflows

A series of emails and workflows—as well as a lead scoring system—automatically nurtured prospects and turned them into qualified sales leads.

Message Alignment

Reinforcing G2-IS as an industry thought leader and to support the Veripipe product launch, HexaGroup created new content that was useful to Veripipe’s specific audience. Using the buyer persona profiles created in coordination with G2-IS sales teams, HexaGroup devised a new value proposition that focused on Veripipe’s main uses, addressing the pain points of the various personas:

  • To migrate and digitize a client's legacy pipe and materials records
  • Assist customers with forensic records management to comply with federal requirements
  • Support customers in their Traceable, Verifiable and Complete records (TVC) objectives

Through diverse communication channels, HexaGroup promoted Veripipe’s software features that would specifically benefit the target segment.

  • Data Governance
    Ensures accuracy, completeness and attainment of validation objectives, while providing business intelligence across the organization.
  • Uniform Data Visually
    Centralizes all information and data.
  • Trends and Actionable Reporting
  • Historical Archival Tool (Time Machine)
    Looks at the state of the pipeline system at any point in time.


The Veripipe campaign results exceeded objectives for all KPIs and allowed G2-IS to jump-start its global awareness campaign and push the Veripipe software product into the market.

The Veripipe campaign results exceeded objectives for all KPIs and allowed G2-IS to jump-start its global awareness campaign and push the Veripipe software product into the market.

The campaign landing pages, promoting the downloadable brochure, white paper and infographic, achieved an impressive 30.5% conversion rate.

Emails within the nurturing workflow had a 67% open rate, showing a remarkable interest in the created content.

The webinar, centerpiece of the campaign, captured 80+ attendees. All attendees who submitted their contact information for the webinar were introduced into the automatic email workflow, which regularly sent them notifications of relevant content on the same topic (the blogs, infographic and white paper).

Overall, the campaign generated 185 sales qualified leads.