How an Energy Brand Achieved 500% More Qualified Leads With 35% Less Marketing Spend

How a KPI-driven agency helped an energy industry leader strengthen its brand and establish a lead-generation engine—all while reducing its marketing spend by 35%.

BackgroundG2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) is a consulting and technology services firm with a strong reputation for helping the pipeline industry enhance its asset performance.

Objectives and Challenges Through the course of multiple mergers and acquisitions, G2-IS’ marketing efforts had become disjointed. Team members were located across several states, and the company’s product offering had grown to more than 80 services. Its marketing strategy wasn’t meeting the expectations of the new board. 

To resolve these issues, the CEO enlisted HexaGroup as its in-house marketing team. We identified five clear goals for our work together:

  • Develop brand awareness as a technology innovator and thought leader
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Strengthen product offering and launch new technology products 
  • Establish a lead generation engine
  • Achieve a streamline workflow

SolutionHexaGroup worked hand in hand with G2-IS to establish a framework that overcame the typical challenges of an “outsourced” marketing team. G2-IS maintained a Marketing Director and a Marketing Specialist. HexaGroup’s team took the reins of strategy, marketing, design and production. We assigned one of our team members to work from the G2-IS office and established monthly meetings with the company’s leadership.

Then, we began implementing our proven marketing methodology.

  • Clustaar™ Analysis: Our proprietary algorithm outlined key search terms, search volume and competitor activity across relevant market segments. This gave us a clear view of G2-IS’ current market position and opportunities to increase its visibility online.
  • Strategy: We used focus groups and our Clustaar analysis to revamp the brand’s messaging. To strengthen its services offering, we created four “solutions” categories—including software products, an entirely new offering—and reduced the brand’s services from 80+ to 32. HexaGroup also developed naming conventions, value propositions and launch strategies for these software offerings.  (Want to know more about how we helped G2-IS drive 500% more leads with 35% less marketing budget? Read this full-length case study.)
  • Growth-Driven Website: We developed a new G2-IS website that supported all future digital marketing efforts while offering a clear, high-quality experience. Our content team consolidated 55 pages of lackluster copy into 32 pages of SEO-optimized content.
  • Marketing Technology: We implemented Hubspot technology to automate and analyze G2-IS’ inbound marketing efforts.
  • Creative Development: We created an inbound marketing framework anchored by a series of webinars. To support these campaigns, we developed content ranging from landing pages and videos to trade show collateral.
  • Proven Performance: We delivered robust reports that outlined our progress toward a variety of pre-determined KPIs.

ResultsWith HexaGroup acting as G2-IS’ marketing department, the company was able to consolidate its current marketing team—reducing overhead and re-allocating budget to activities that drove revenue. Our strategy reduced G2-IS’ marketing spend by 35%.

Other key results: 

  • +350 total leads across six inbound campaigns
  • 404 new qualified website leads, a 500% increase
  • 1,605 website form submissions, an 18X increase year-over-year
  • 20% month-over-month increase in website traffic, with 45.1% organic
  • 15% month-over-month increase in social media traffic

Read our full-length G2-IS case study for more on how an outsourced marketing team can help your brand reduce, spend and enhance results.


  • Clustaar Analysis
  • Brand positioning
  •  Marketing strategy
  • Lead generation engine
  • Digital advertising


  • HubSpot integration