Website development by HexaGroup helped commercial real estate leader HFF provide owners and investors with information on properties and services.

Background & ObjectivesOperating from 23 offices nationwide, HFF is a leading provider of commercial real estate and capital markets services in the U.S. To ensure its ongoing success and competitive edge, HFF needed a new website to enhance its online presence, better meet the needs of its audience, and effectively communicate its product offerings.

SolutionHFF relied on the HexaGroup team to create a concept that would differentiate HFF. Prior to developing the site architecture and SEO strategy, HexaGroup conducted market analysis to determine what web users are looking for in the U.S. commercial real estate market. Armed with a clear understanding of the target audiences, HexaGroup completely redesigned HFFLP.com with a new look and unique design to meet the needs of the HFF audiences. The new site pushes the limits of responsive design and showcases HexaGroup’s ability to program nearly anything and everything. Featuring a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation and interactive resources, HFFLP.com provides owners and investors with the most up-to-date information on HFF properties and services to ensure the best commercial real estate transaction experience.

In addition to user-facing functionality, HexaGroup worked with HFF’s IT team to fully integrate the new site with the company’s ERP system, CapTrack. The tight integration between HexaGroup’s proprietary CMS system and CapTrack allows for real-time display and management of all aspects of key HFF business elements such as deals, property/product/office information, people, and a client portal, and also facilitates the management of all inbound inquiries.

ResultsThe HFF user base has responded with great, positive feedback. HexaGroup and HFF are now partnering toward an aggressive SEO and inbound marketing initiative. The site also won a Silver Award of Distinction in the 2015 Communicators Awards.