Lloyd's RFS

An independent provider of risk management services to the energy sector, Lloyd’s Register Energy desired the ability to improve its commercial sales process, with an aim to increase sales and improve customer service. Lloyd’s tasked HexaGroup to review its various offerings in the oilfield services arena, identify offerings that could be considered commodities, and accelerate the sales process for these offerings through some type of automation or online tool.

HexaGroup identified one high-volume offering that fit Lloyd’s commodity definition: inspection services. After establishing requirements around the inspection ordering process and what type of functionality would be needed to increase sales and retain inspection clients, HexaGroup developed the RFS (“Request For Service”) web application, and implemented it within the client portal on Lloyd’s Register Energy’s website. The RFS tool handles overall ordering of the inspection service, specifies the type of service based on a list of assets to be inspected, displays previous inspection services for an individual client, and varies pricing by the type of client. RFS reporting allows clients to view historical records of services provided. While invoicing is currently handled offline, HexaGroup anticipates developing an e-commerce element in the short- to mid-term.


  • Application Development
  • Marketing