Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Opening in 2012 near Downtown Dallas, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science was created to expose children to a world of ideas and concepts in science, math and technology, and inspire and educate future scientists, mathematicians and engineers through interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and vivid contextual displays.

Based on HexaGroup’s previous work for the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Perot Museum commissioned HexaGroup to help develop high-end oil and gas exhibits. HexaGroup proceeded to create multiple educational 3D animations, covering broad energy topics and demonstrating processes in mining and oil and gas transportation, exploration and production. One especially interesting exhibit built around 3D technology is an interactive presentation of a 3D seismic reservoir. Wearing 3D glasses adds to the fun and makes the presentation more realistic! Museum visitors can uncover different layers of the model, while enjoying a playful, highly informative experience with oil and gas reservoirs.


  • Interactive
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D