Riviana Foods Content Management System

Through website development and a proprietary content management system, HexaGroup helps Riviana Foods easily manage 25+ unique websites and more.

As part of a long-term relationship with Riviana Foods, this is one of many projects HexaGroup has undertaken in its ongoing role as a creative, technical, and marketing partner.

BackgroundAmerica’s leading rice company, Riviana Foods has been processing, marketing, and distributing rice and rice products throughout the United States and around the world for nearly a century. The company desired custom website solutions for all of its rice brands and approached HexaGroup for expertise.

Objectives & Challenges

With objectives to improve each brand’s individual website as well as cross-market and upsell among brands, Riviana Foods also needed to be able to manage 25+ websites with a small Web department. The sites would share a large volume of information (recipes), while providing custom brand communication. The brand of rice needed to be personalized and dynamically presented in a unique form and fashion.

SolutionHexaGroup developed the Riviana Foods Content Management System (CMS) on its proprietary platform, HexaSite. Controlling over 25 unique websites in multiple languages and six new mobile sites all developed by HexaGroup, the CMS was custom-built specifically to meet Riviana’s needs. The CMS contains all products for each brand in the Riviana line, renowned for popular brands such as Minute Rice, Success Rice, and Mahatma Rice, along with cooking directions, nutritional information, and complete allergy and kosher information. While all the sites are completely managed by the CMS, the Riviana Foods CMS is unique in that each site exhibits a completely different look and feel. In addition to controlling all content, the CMS allows internal administrators to create contests, manage coupons, and maintain over 1,000 active recipes (with new ones constantly being added), while choosing which recipes to feature on each site. The CMS also manages the recipes’ ingredient database along with all images in multiple sizes depending on placement

.Each of the websites also includes a portal to the Riceipe Club, a tool that allows members to collect and add recipes to a recipe box, add recipe notes, create and print a grocery list, rate recipes, and leave comments. Members who opt in for product taste tests and surveys become part of the company’s Consumer Panel, a 30,000-member database used for product research and communication. Member data can be viewed in Excel for further manipulation or exported to HexaGroup Mail for mass email communications, with templates created for each brand.

ResultsThe CMS has allowed Riviana to internally manage all platform functionality, while engaging HexaGroup to add functionality each year and perform any needed IT upgrades. New functionality coming soon includes a CMS upgrade to provide all New World Pasta brands with the same functionality as the rice brands, necessitating the addition of approximately 10 new websites, and integration with the robust nutritional database of ESHA Research to offer nutritional analysis on all recipes.


  • Recipe portal with 1,000+ recipes dynamically displayed based on the site and rice brand selected
  • 30,000-member Consumer Panel portal for product research
  • Multiple sites and portals controlled by one administrative interface
  • Multilingual
  • Video and document library


  • ESHA Research nutritional database
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework (C#)
  • MS SQL 2010
  • Proprietary CMS system (HexaSite)