Schilling Robotics

Using 3D animation and CGI, HexaGroup produced an award-winning short film to help Schilling Robotics launch a product line of ROVs with robotic arms.

BackgroundSchilling Robotics manufactures deepwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), robotic arms, and custom engineered control systems. Owning the market in the oil and gas industry for robotic arms, Schilling Robotics created a complementary product line by developing a line of ROVs that included robotic arms.

Objectives & SolutionDesiring an attractive, impactful video, Schilling Robotics hired HexaGroup to promote the new product line. HexaGroup proposed various concepts, with a theme of Schilling Robotics’ superior robotic arms coming to life to build their own equally-superior ROV, ultimately being selected. Written and produced by HexaGroup, the conceptual animation is the flagship of the company’s capabilities and best work. The short film uses a sophisticated, cinematic mix of live footage with actors composited within a science fiction environment, 3D animation, motion tracking and effects. The soundtrack in itself is an elaborate production by HexaGroup. Local musicians were recorded step-by-step to produce the dramatic rock-n-roll track, complete with a requisite guitar solo.

In addition, HexaGroup developed an interactive touchscreen display of an ROV, allowing any trade show visitor to discover all the technical features of the specified piece of equipment.

ResultsThe short film and associated interactive trade show display won multiple awards, including 3D animation awards, generated much excitement and were used for several years as the main introduction to the product line.


  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • Music / sound design
  • Video production