Victory Packaging Design & Engineering Campaign

Through an impactful B2B inbound marketing campaign, HexaGroup helped Victory Packaging enhance brand awareness, improve search engine rankings and generate leads.

BackgroundA leader in packaging engineering and design, Victory Packaging wanted to overcome the misconception of being “just a seller of packaging.” The company wished to educate potential customers on the fact that Victory Packaging understands what is necessary for a customer’s packaging to perform at its best—while optimizing costs. The company sought to promote the extensive technical knowledge, experience and technology tools its packaging engineering team uses to help customers reduce material costs, minimize damages, improve freight utilization and boost overall packaging productivity.

Objectives & ChallengesHexaGroup developed a campaign strategy with three key objectives:

  • Overall brand awareness and SEO
    Specifically, Victory Packaging wanted to improve search engine rankings on identified keywords.
  • Lead generation of at least 5%
    Lead generation for this purpose was defined as any individual from the identified target market that completed a form to obtain additional information.
  • To position Victory Packaging as a leader of packaging engineering and design
    The challenge was to explain the concept of total cost optimization and communicate its benefits in terms that any potential customer in any industry could easily understand, relate to and desire to pursue.

SolutionThe strategy of the Victory Packaging campaign was to introduce the company as a leader in packaging engineering and design solutions. Numerous tactics were developed and implemented to reach and influence potential target customers.

  • Award-Winning Video
    Titled, “Unboxed - The Packaging Engineering and Design Experience,” this video winner of two Davey Awards (honoring the achievements of the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets) shows how Victory Packaging ensures that the unboxing experience moment unfolds exactly as a customer has pictured—with packaging that goes virtually unnoticed because its manufactured product arrives in perfect condition.
  • Jeopardy Game
    For use at trade shows or online, participants play to learn about Victory Packaging’s innovative solutions and total cost optimization tactics in a fun, engaging way.
  • New Website Section
    Identified as one of the company’s Solutions, a new Packaging Engineering and Design section was created that focuses on how the Victory Packaging meets unique customer needs through cost-saving yet innovative packaging. Four subpages support this section to explain Innovative Packaging Design Solutions, Total Cost Optimization, Package Testing and Specification Management. To support an overall SEO strategy, relevant keywords were identified and incorporated into the content for each page.
  • Inbound Marketing Campaign
    Landing pages offered a downloadable Packaging Engineering Audit and Analysis for interested leads, with details of the Victory Packaging process.
  • Blog
    Multiple posts with targeted keywords supported the campaign: Top 3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Packaging Engineer, The Importance of Packaging Testing When in Comes to Your Product, and How the Right Packaging Equipment Can Optimize Your Process. Each post included a call-to-action to the campaign landing page, offering the downloadable Packaging Engineering Audit and Analysis for interested leads.
  • Social Media
    Promoting the video and/or the campaign landing page, posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter fostered engagement, started conversations and generated new followers.
  • Email
    Potential customers were offered the downloadable Packaging Engineering Audit and Analysis via email.
  • Advertising
    LinkedIn Sponsored Posts were displayed to the identified target market and YouTube pre-roll advertising was utilized as well.

Message AlignmentHexaGroup developed the approach and tone of the creative message to align with the target audience and support the campaign’s objectives and strategy.

While the details of what Victory Packaging does can be technical and quite complicated, a more lighthearted and inviting tone was used throughout the video, for example, enabling the viewer to relate to the joy a child experiences upon opening a gift.

The Jeopardy game leveraged a “fun” element to make the highly technical subject matter more enjoyable and memorable. Messaging throughout the website pages, landing pages, email, blog and social media posts was straightforward and conversational, yet professional, respecting the reader’s time and remaining focused on the overall goal to overcome the misconception of being “just a seller of packaging” and positioning Victory Packaging as the leader in packaging engineering and design.

The call-to-action, offering a downloadable outline of the packaging engineering process, offered an easy way for potential customer to learn how Victory Packaging delivers performance while optimizing costs. Content was minimal, yet powerful, to appeal to professionals in any industry. Consistent graphic elements, from color usage to choice of imagery, reinforced the overall company brand, further solidifying brand awareness and recognition.


  • Campaign results exceeded the objectives for all KPIs.
  • Traffic analytics showed a 78% increase in website visits, specifically attributed to pages in the new website section and campaign landing pages during the campaign duration.
  • Achieving desirable placement on pages 1 and 2 of Google, the SEO plan brough desired traffic to the site via specific targeted keywords.
  • The campaign landing page achieved a 19% conversion rate.
  • The email generated impressive results as well:
    • Open rate: 16.4%
    • Reading rate 46.4%
    • Click rate: 1.2%
  • The video, in addition to receiving two Davey Awards, generated over 3,500 views and achieved a significant amount of “wow factor” in the industry.


  • Inbound / Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Video
  • Advertising


  • HubSpot integration