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Information is everywhere. It's the new world currency and the way it's exchanged revolves around the Internet. The amount of data and information we are exposed to today is far greater than in years past — and it's not exclusive to online data. Data is still increasingly found in offline avenues including reports, books and other sources. As expert designers, it is our job to find innovative new ways to make data relevant and present it in ways people can easily understand.

Our Data Visualization Services

HexaGroup's visual communication and technical team work toward presenting you with the data you need at your fingertips. Literally. Mobile technology has opened up a world of informational possibilities, allowing data to be accessed anytime and anywhere.

In presenting data, the goal is to draw attention to specific targeted messages quickly, and retain that attention for prolonged periods of time. Visualization methods enable that goal to be achieved. We develop patterns for viewers to sift through content that will reveal new information and bring relevance to the messages they see. In short, we develop an information map for viewers to experience and retrieve information in the most natural way possible.

Some of our applications and formats include:

  • Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Timelines
  • Maps

Certainly the way data is presented is incredibly broad and complex. HexaGroup knows how to present that data in ways our competitors can't. Our process is unrivaled and our services offer the very latest and best techniques for presenting your data and making an instant impact on your audience.

Why HexaGroup for Data Visualization?

HexaGroup follows the latest trends in design to provide you with the most innovative solutions for data visualization. We understand that implementing data visualization elements in your messages may not always be the easiest thing to do. Based on your ideas, we develop a data visualization plan to meet your needs, with quality development initiatives aimed at meeting your requirements. We also provide you with the necessary maintenance support to ensure your product succeeds.