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Offering a 15-year relationship with Ektron.

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Great marketing efforts rely on great content. There's no way around it. Creating a stable platform for your organization to sustain interactive and engaging content is vital to your communication efforts across your many channels.

Ektron provides everything you need to empower content creators and deliver a dynamic online experience to site visitors. The solution provides a flexible and scalable solution for robust content management and integrates seamlessly with CRM, Analytics, Marketing Automation Systems, ERP, SharePoint and more to help your organization achieve rapid ROI.

Our Ektron Services

Reliable and built on a .NET framework, Ektron works well with Microsoft and other technologies. HexaGroup has effectively implemented Ektron into the projects of numerous clients. Our ability to adapt to the latest and most innovative Ektron techniques has led to increased confidence in the services we provide.

Ektron Consulting Services

  • Personalized consultation period
  • UX/UI streamlining
  • Workflow architecture evaluation
  • Ektron ECM application

Ektron Development Services

  • Custom development for mobile and Web platforms
  • Implementation of Enterprise Content Management solution
  • Constant support and maintenance of application
  • SaaS/Cloud implementation

Ektron Testing Services

  • Reliable testing of all new software versions
  • Performance and usability testing on each platform
  • Selenium-assisted automation testing of applications

Ektron Integration

  • SaaS, social media, enterprise products
  • Third-party tools
  • CRM and ERP tools
  • Other CMS tools

Ektron Migration

  • Data/application migration to Ektron platform
  • Business reports modernization and migration

Why HexaGroup for Ektron CMS Solutions?

One of our core implementations includes the complex TGS series of websites. Another includes the complex car dealer management system available at gsfs.com. Our Ektron-trained and certified engineers and consultants have mastered the range of Ektron CMS functionality from websites, intranets and portals to social media and complex e-commerce workflow.