HexaGroup Content Management System (CMS)

Offering a solid .NET CMS platform with great flexibility and access to source code.

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HexaSite is a Web-based content management system (CMS) that promotes an easy-to-use interface and a series of intuitive technical functions. As an extension of HexaGroup's website services, HexaSite has been developed so that with limited training and no Web experience, your in-house staff can take over the day-to-day management of your website. HexaSite is also helpful when a CMS needs to be integrated with numerous third-party content sources and systems.

Why HexaGroup's Custom CMS?

HexaSite currently supports over 200 corporate websites, intranet and extranet-based systems on a Software-as-a-Service or licensed basis. Backed by HexaGroup’s excellent training and customer support services, our commitment to technological excellence is unmatched.

For more information or to learn how HexaSite or any of HexaGroup’s Web-based tools can streamline your website development, please visit HexaSite or contact us.