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HexaGroup is an unparalleled resource for oil and gas content. Our team of subject matter experts thoroughly understands downstream, midstream, and upstream oil and gas processes, workflows, and operations, allowing us to hit the ground running.



For over 20 years, HexaGroup has implemented a multitude of websites, kiosks, training programs and games — accessible online, at museums, trade shows, and other venues.

3D Animation

Animators and producers at HexaGroup have built one of the largest libraries of oil and gas models in the Southern U.S., along with a large portfolio showcasing our expertise. We have also created large energy exhibits for marketing, research and development, and educational purposes on display at the Museums of Natural Science in Houston and Dallas. Many of our clients have benefited from best-of-show trade show booths that incorporate interactive products such as games, product simulations, and augmented reality. HexaGroup is proud to have earned awards at major shows including OTC Houston.

Video Production

With proven video production expertise and unmatched experience in the oil and gas industry, HexaGroup maintains safety certifications to work all over the world; onshore and offshore.

Certifications and Training

  • TWIC - Transportation Worker Identity Card
    Allows unescorted access to facilities of national interest including ports, offshore rigs, refineries, etc.

  • SafeGulf - Offshore Gulf of Mexico training

  • HUET- Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
    Required to fly over water globally

  • EBS - Emergency Breathing Systems
    Escape re-breather system used on some offshore flights, allows 60 seconds of emergency air recovery

  • OLF certified
    Additional training required by the Norwegian government to go offshore in Norwegian waters (We are certified to work in all three sectors of the North Sea: U.K., Denmark, and Norway.)

  • HASC - Houston Area Safety Council
    ARSC reciprocal training to cover basic OSHA orientation/basic HAZCOM (chemical plants, refineries)

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Content Solutions for Houston Trade Show Displays

Specializing in the development of oil and gas content, our experts create and produce interactive solutions that showcase your products and market your services at Houston trade shows.

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