Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Whether you're a marketing team of one, a business owner or part of a full in-house team with more on your plate than you can handle, you might wonder why you should hire a marketing agency. As you ponder this question, do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

The Top Nine Reasons to Consider Hiring a Marketing Agency

1. You want to grow your business and have aggressive goals. A strong marketing plan often starts with lofty, but achievable, goals. If you know you want to spark more leads, cross-sell to more customers or boost your website traffic, a marketing agency can create your road map to success. After all, it's what they do every day, and a good one will have the track record to prove it.

2. You don't have an in-house marketing team. A marketing agency brings a plethora of skills – web development, writing, graphic design, IT, market research, and web and ad analytics. It's impossible to find all these skills in just one expert, no matter how experienced they are. A marketing agency can bring all these talents to your company – possibly for the same price as hiring one in-house employee.

3. You need support for your in-house marketing team. You have deadlines. You have multiple stakeholders to please. You don't want to sleep in your office. If you have a looming launch date, or want someone with extensive video or specialized experience, or are entering a new sphere such as trade shows or webinars, a marketing agency can meet you where you are and help you create a campaign to reach your goals. This can be a collaborative, give-and-take process to understand your audience, your organization and your objectives and create a customized plan to reach your customers where they are.

4. You want fresh ideas. Even the most technical company can create buzz with an unexpected take. If you want to pop on social media or make waves in a new market, it could be time to shake up your current marketing and try a different approach. From a six-second video to animated demo, a marketing agency can brainstorm ways for you to capture your audience's imagination that might not have crossed your mind.

5. You want to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Digital marketing is continually evolving as new social platforms rise, new marketing technology launches, and audiences develop even shorter attention spans. There's no way you can listen to every podcast or analyze every new marketing study. Have a professional stay up to date on trends – and show you how to capitalize on them.

6. You need an outside perspective. Sometimes you are too close to your business, and it can help to have another viewpoint. Whether you need to distill information about your offerings to the absolute basics, explain highly technical details to a non-technical target market or stand out from your competitors, an agency can help to draw out your value propositions and showcase them to your audience. A marketing agency can help you figure out whether you have needless boxes to fill on your conversion forms and verbose descriptions. They especially help you avoid jargon, which actually can cause you to lose credibility – and buyers.

7. Get detailed analytics that matter. Cost-per-click. Conversion rate. Time on page. Bounce rate. With hundreds of data points from your website and advertisements to peruse, you can get overwhelmed with minutia and struggle to tease out the most important numbers. Data might be king, but it's worthless without knowing how to interpret it and how take action on it. We know what marketing metrics your boss cares about, and we can dive deep into the data to determine what is and isn't working and to develop an effective marketing plan.

8. Get a strong ROI. Your digital ads might run 24/7. Can your team respond quickly to see what resonates with your audience and to optimize future ads? A marketing agency can hone in on every detail of a campaign from the ad creative to the landing page to the lead nurturing process. Their team can conduct A/B tests to see what works, can develop additional content around FAQ and can continually make adjustments to each step of the process so you get the most for each dollar spent.

Get a Strong Digital Marketing Agency Partner

Focus on what you do best – running your business. Why you need a marketing agency might be as simple as needing time to handle the day-to-day of your business and grow your organization. You might not want to invest four years (or more) into earning a marketing degree and YouTube might only get you so far. With a marketing team at your side, you can delegate tasks to free up your schedule for big-picture planning and growth. You can create a vision for your company's future and get a team on board to make it a reality.

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