Brand Awareness
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Content Strategy ClustaarTM Light - We identify the size of your online market, show your position in the overall competitive landscape and tell you accurately what it will take to gain Google page 1 market share. This is the foundation for successful online marketing, and will impact everything we create and share for you.
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION We provide you with a thorough list of actions to make your website accessible to Google searches for the terms you want and that are in demand. We know all the tricks.
BLOGGING ASSISTANCE We provide the topics and sources relevant to reaching your traffic and brand awareness objectives. Our team will train your staff on the most effective techniques.
MONTHLY REPORTING We’ll show you what is working and how we will make it even better. Details you never knew were trackable will help you see your investment at work and help us continue to improve your results.
CLUSTAAR TM Our comprehensive digital market analysis – A keyword analysis on steroids!
BLOGGING We implement our plan, write professional content that achieves your SEO objectives and address the needs and wants of your prospects. Each post is created and published on your website with best practices in mind: SEO / Tagging / Impactful visuals.
SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media allows for a more personal connection, building relationships that result in highly qualified leads. Our effective use of social media will also create awareness of your company and solutions, and drive substantial qualified traffic to your site.
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Lead Generation
Starter Package Strategy Perform Package Strategy + Implementation Agile Package Perform Package + A la Carte Services
INBOUND MARKETING PLAN Your inbound marketing plan is the foundation for all of your digital marketing activities. It aligns your business objectives to your marketing activities, clearly defines your multiple buyer personas and the problems you solve for them, and defines all the campaigns to be implemented during the year with all associated KPIs. It provides a clear outline of the recommended campaigns and associated budgets.
CAMPAIGN PLANNING We take the campaign outline and extend it to an actionable plan, highlighting all the elements to be developed for each campaign. A premium content outline (ebook, video, infographic, presentation), content amplification with distribution tactics and advertising venues are all ready for immediate implementation.
MONTHLY PLANNING AND REPORTING Our planning and reporting process ensures that we perform to your expectations and can react to new needs or adapt to new situations. No need to guess what is working and what isn't. Using technology available from HubSpot, Google Analytics or other platforms, we dig as deeply as needed to make your marketing better and better.
INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS IMPLEMENTATION Implementing marketing campaigns per inbound methodology requires developing quality content that users want to download, and promoting it using the best tactics and advertising venues based on targeted buyer personas. We will do it all and measure results.
MARKETING PLATFORM IMPLEMENTATION We implement the marketing technology that best fits your needs. We review your CRM, marketing automation, social media, lead sourcing and analytical needs and provide our recommendations. We do not push a specific solution for all of our clients, but stay on top of new technologies to always offer you what is best.
EMAIL MARKETING Still one of the most effective components of online marketing, email marketing works when it is personalized, targeted and exceptionally well-written. That’s what you’ll get in every message we compose. From a simple, “Thank you for signing up” message to a high-stakes announcement message, we know and use what will work for you.
LEAD NURTURING Engaging existing leads and converting them to customers is our next step with content development and calls-to-action that nurtur leads as they move through the sales funnel. This is how your marketing and sales efforts align to shorten the sales cycle.
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Inbound Sales Optimization
Starter Package Strategy Perform Package Strategy + Implementation Agile Package Perform Package + A la Carte Services
1. LEAD QUALIFICATION Most buyers are already in the awareness stage of the buying journey before they engage with salespeople. Inbound salespeople prioritize active buyers ahead of passive buyers. We will define your lead qualification process to ensure efficiency.
2. SALES MESSAGING Inbound salespeople lead with a message personalized to the buyer’s context. Converting your leads to qualified leads is simple. First, define personas. Understand the unique perspectives of the individuals you’re attempting to reach. Then, define the sequences for each persona. Finally, define the content for each sequence. Your goal is to educate buyers on the problem or opportunity they are exploring.
3. EXPLORE Guide an exploratory conversation so that you’re in control, but your prospects feel like they’re being empowered to make the right decisions.
4. ADVISE As an inbound salesperson, you serve as a translator between the generic messaging found on your company’s website and the unique needs of your buyer.
LEAD NURTURING We will determine optimized workflows to prepare your leads for a meaningful call that’s on target. We contact inbound leads and companies based on their behavior.
EMAIL MESSAGING Spend more time selling and less time drafting repetitive emails. Turn your best sales emails into templates you can personalize, optimize and share with your team.
MODULAR ELEVATOR PITCH AND SCRIPTS Convert leads to qualified leads using an elevator pitch. Build trust by participating in the buyer’s online conversations. Lead with personalized messaging and advice based on the buyer’s interests.
CRM INTEGRATION Ensure your marketing and sales activities are interconnected and that you exchange meaningful actionable intelligence between sales, marketing and management. In the era of data, too much data is as harmful as none. We work with multiple CRM and marketing systems.
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