What Is Account-Based Marketing?


Account-based marketing is an approach to B2B marketing that involves targeting key accounts, creating specific content and campaigns for them, and developing relationships with individuals within those companies that matter most to your business. 

While hundreds or thousands of leads are great, they don't impact your bottom line if the leads don't work in the businesses you want to partner with. 

With account-based marketing, you'll market directly to the companies that affect your ROI.

By the Numbers 

  • Companies implementing account-based marketing (ABM) saw a 171% increase in yearly contract value. (ABM Benchmark Study, 2017)
  • Most organizations reported progress toward their top KPI within four to six months after ABM implementation. (FlipMyFunnel)
  • 97% of marketers said ABM had higher ROI than other marketing activities. (Alterra Group)

Why Implement ABM at Your Company?ABM_Funnel

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Accelerate revenue stream
  • Align your sales and marketing teams
  • Integrate with inbound marketing

Our Account-Based Marketing Strategy

  1. Identify target companies
  2. Learn their challenges, motivations and goals
  3. Develop hyper-targeted content and campaigns
  4. Convert them into customers

1. We start by identifying target accounts/companies that are in your niche and likely to convert. We examine the companies in your market and construct a list of potential accounts to target. We'll segment the list along categories that make sense, such as location, size or industry.

2. We'll explore the heartbeat of the companies' business models and objectives to get an in-depth understanding of how to reach individuals within it.

3. We'll work alongside your sales and marketing teams to build relationships with individuals within target companies. Campaigns will feature content that answers their questions, addresses their challenges and sparks their interest. We may launch ad creatives, workflows and landing pages specifically addressing one company. We'll craft audience lists and sequential messaging to guide professionals along the buyer's journey. 

4. As we generate leads from our campaigns, we'll nurture them so they transition from leads to customers to advocates for your brand. 

Making Sure Your Ad Reaches the Right Eyes: Programmatic Advertising


You've likely seen ads cleverly disguised as news articles or native content within a media or entertainment site.

Programmatic ad platforms allow us to translate account targeting, corporate personas and the buyer’s journey into highly structured and sequential ad campaigns to nurture your leads.

Programmatic advertising provides the most advanced, secure vehicle to reach stakeholders at certain companies with tailored messaging. While social media ads provide similar specification with employer and occupation targeting, these ads allow us to serve content beyond a social network on tens of thousands of quality, vetted websites.

The defined campaign structure in programmatic advertising allows for messaging along predefined steps in the buyer's journey. This provides a manageable way to implement ongoing sales feedback, helping to ensure better alignment between marketing and sales with account engagement.

When we use programmatic advertising, we're able to scale our account-based marketing efforts on a wider level and display your brand on thousands of high-quality websites that your customers already visit – ensuring that the people who see your ads are the people you want to see your ads.

Why Choose HexaGroup As Your Account-Based Marketing Agency? 

With decades of experience employing show-stopping designs and cutting-edge technology to reach customers, we're ready to take your advertising to the next level. Rather than take a shotgun approach to ads that results in wasted ad dollars, we'll craft a hyper-specific campaign that gets you the clicks, likes and conversions that mean the most to your business. 

Ready to start seeing more ROI from your ad spend? Talk to us about implementing account-based marketing today.