Research is an essential building block in a marketing campaign and provides the analysis needed to understand how customers behave and whether the strategies in place are effective. HexaGroup understands that the more our clients use market research to determine the needs and habits of their customers, the better equipped they are to reach them.

With our background in Web development and strong knowledge of Web analytics, HexaGroup has developed specific tools utilizing Google as our key research source to identify market size, competition, market trends and market volumes. Using this online market research methodology shortens the research cycle while providing pertinent data. We also acquire a great deal of insightful information directly from clients via detailed surveys, and if needed, we often perform qualitative research including focus groups.

Our Marketing Research Services

HexaGroup’s market research services combine the strength of our Google-based research methodology, supplemented with other quantitative and qualitative techniques to objectively test business assumptions and provide our clients with a robust brand analysis. We measure every aspect of our client's business model in order to offer a detail-oriented plan that provides KPI-focused results and growth. Understanding which key audiences to target is made possible by strong market research and analysis. At HexaGroup, we focus on finding the key audiences who will receive and experience our client's message, and in turn meet campaign goals.

HexaGroup's four-step market research process incorporates the following phases:

  • In consultation with our clients, establishing current business assumptions
  • Designing and performing online research to test these assumptions
  • Providing analysis and reporting findings back to our client
  • Providing a blueprint for future strategic marketing activities based on market research findings

Once the plan is in motion, HexaGroup will analyze the specifics of the plan, identifying what's working and what isn't. In collaboration with our clients, we adjust the existing plan to meet specific needs and goals. We analyze the number of new customers and the retention rate of existing customers to make sure the plan is working according to our client's standards.

We believe analysis is necessary considering the competition our clients face in their respective fields. To stay ahead of competitors, HexaGroup places paramount importance in making analysis a can't-skip step in the formulation of our clients' marketing plans. Both research and analysis provide clients with the necessary information to make future decisions regarding their marketing campaigns.

Why HexaGroup for Marketing Research and Analysis?

With over 20 years of experience, HexaGroup possesses unparalleled industry knowledge and technical know-how to create optimal marketing solutions our clients seek. Our award-winning team of marketing experts provides KPI-focused results to increase brand identity and awareness, knowing this starts with market research. The strength of our market research experience and capability harnesses the power of Google, and is supplemented by marketing audits, focus groups and other methods of qualitative and quantitative research as needed.