Even the most attractive website design is pointless if the functionality is poor. HexaGroup creates customized architecture and Web-based delivery platforms that ensure our clients' websites are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing to the user. When it comes to Web development, technical implementation is the building, testing and implementation of all elements including the visual design, content management system (CMS), multimedia, third-party application integrations, content migrations and more.

As a Microsoft Partner and Enterprise Content Management experts, we offer flexibility in our platform and integration services.

Our Technical Implementation Process

From conception to go live date, technical implementation at HexaGroup follows a thorough step-by-step process to ensure that client websites are built accurately according to their full design. This process will vary based on the selected technology (CMS) solution and complexity of the website integration.

  • Phase 1 - Specify

    It's nitty-gritty time. We're getting into the weeds.

    High-level functionality requirements have been developed during the Information Design phase. Now we write the IT design specifications for the website implementation.

    • IT requirements in terms of access, hosting, security and integration
    • Content management requirements and workflow
    • IT architecture, both existing and future
    • Technical definition of functionality requirements

    An IT design specifications document is developed by BA and Architect to be reviewed and approved by you.

  • Phase 2 - Implement & Integrate

    Kind of like watching Star Trek — and you're not a trekkie.

    This is where the website becomes a highly technical task.

    • Configure CMS
    • Implement visual design
    • Perform integration and customization tasks (CRM, analytics, other)
  • Phase 3 - Publish

    Put the meat on the bones.

    • Migrate content from existing site
    • Input newly developed content into CMS
    • Integrate syndicated content
    • Format each page individually
    • On-page content optimization
  • Phase 4 - Test

    Test, test, test. And when you think you're done, test some more.

    It's the key to a successful implementation.

    • Browser and device testing
    • Use cases
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Performance testing
  • Phase 5 - Commission / Go Live

    It's the moment you've been waiting for.

    • Go live
    • Documentation: Source code, admin and user manuals, system manual
    • Training: CMS training (admin and user)
  • The Deliverables
    • Live website
    • Documentation
    • Change management / Training

Why HexaGroup for Technical Implementation?

HexaGroup offers unmatched technical expertise, specifically .NET and CMS expertise. In addition and equally important, we utilize an integrated team for turnkey websites and talk to each other every step of the way to deliver a website that is a true representation of the quality and sophistication of your brand. However complex your site, our technical experts work carefully to ensure flawless functionality.