The implementation of a formalized Web governance program is essential to smooth communication activities. You need concrete policies and procedures, and a plan for maintenance and updates.

HexaGroup has extensive experience implementing Web governance mechanisms that prevent online communication breakdown. In collaboration with you, we utilize our years of experience and our knowledge of industry best practices to create and help implement a formalized Web governance plan that fits your specific needs.

Our Web Governance Services

Based on your needs, our deliverables may include:

  • Helping you establish—and if required, participating in—your core implementation team that sets and polices your Web standards and CMS workflows
  • Creating a custom framework for your Web governance policy based on industry best practices and an assessment of your organization
  • Creating a custom framework that establishes policies to deal with the specific challenges of social media
  • Writing formalized Web governance documentation that can be distributed to your staff
  • Staff training

Why HexaGroup for Web Governance?

With more than 20 years of experience providing Web, online marketing and more recently social media services, HexaGroup has been at the forefront of developing Web governance mechanisms to ensure smooth online communications.