Fintech Marketing Strategy

In the highly competitive legal and fintech markets, it's not enough to offer an excellent product. You need to stand out by reaching your target audience where they're looking for you and on their terms. 

At HexaGroup, we understand the power of messaging and tailor all of our digital marketing strategies to your needs and goals. 

For fintech companies and law firms, that means developing strong narratives, compelling messaging and targeted ads that grow your online presence and customer base to lead to lower customer acquisition costs and better conversion rates. 

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency 

For companies in exceptionally specialized fields, it pays to have a digital marketing agency that understands your language, pain points and goals as well as marketing regulations.

Our Legal and Fintech Marketing Services

Our team of digital marketing experts combines branding, graphic design, animation, copywriting and more to deliver customized strategy for your goals. We offer a full suite of digital marketing for law firms and fintech companies to help you increase brand awareness, improve your website and drive customer conversions.


We believe that every company has a story worth telling – our first objective is to discover yours. Our five-step Brand Asset Management process gives us a holistic view of your company's history, goals and audience so that we can package your story in a compelling, strategic manner.

Social Media

Social media allows you to talk directly with potential customers. Still, if you aren't thinking strategically, you're not getting the most out of the multiple channels and messaging opportunities out there. Our social media services make sure that you provide value in every interaction by putting your company's story in the right context, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. 

Website Development

Your website is the backbone of your company's brand, so it's vital that it properly reflects your story, capabilities and services. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing award-winning websites. Whether your site just needs a facelift or end-to-end improvements, we can help you improve and reach your goals.


Search engine optimization is all about meeting your target audience's needs. To do that, our SEO and content strategists analyze what people search for to create copy that engages your audience and answers their questions. On the back end, our experts improve your site's design and technical architecture to make sure your upgraded content achieves first-page ranking in search.

PPC Advertising

Paid search advertising is an incredibly valuable tool to present the right message to the right person at the right time. It allows us to meet your audience in a search query on their terms in a cost-effective way. Our PPC experts gain a deep understanding of your company's goals to create compelling ads across display and search that convert your audience into customers.

Video Production

Video is an effective way to talk about complex legal and financial services in an approachable, relatable manner. It's also highly engaging to audiences looking for concise answers to their questions and needs. Our in-house video production team has experience creating corporate videos for everything from training videos to on-site promotion shoots.  

Why Choose HexaGroup for Your Legal Marketing and Fintech Marketing Needs?

At HexaGroup, our mission is to deliver on your goals through strategic, data-driven digital marketing. You receive customized strategy that fits your needs, your audience and your goals. We believe in open communication so that you always understand why we do what we do.

Your marketing success and business growth through lower client acquisition costs and conversion rates are our focus, and we will never compromise its pursuit. 

Contact HexaGroup today. Complete our form to begin a conversation with our team and start growing your business today.