A Growth-Driven Houston SEO Agency

If you want to hide information, put it on the second page of Google. We kid – but to stay top of mind with potential customers, you need to get, and stay, on the top of search engine results.

In addition to driving traffic to your website through PPC campaigns, a marketing and SEO company can attract visitors to your site from the billions of Google searches taking place daily. 

The world of search engine algorithms and SEO evolves constantly – is your site competitive as the latest algorithm launches?



Case Study: Victory Packaging

Our Houston SEO services drove a 122.7% growth in positioned keywords and a 43.9% increase in organic traffic.

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Our SEO Strategy and Tactics


Competitive Benchmark: SEO and Content Strategy


Dominating search results is about fulfilling visitor needs. Before looking at a single keyword, we develop a deep understanding of your business objectives and your market.

Our Houston SEO services start with strategy as we analyze your target audience, their needs and motivations, and the content likely to answer their questions and spark their interest. We then implement on-page optimization elements, content marketing strategies and link-building services.

HexaGroup accomplishes this through:

  • Analyzing your competition 
  • Discovering keyword search volumes
  • Finding pockets of SEO opportunity
  • Investigating the current market
  • Capitalizing on trends such as voice search and no-click searches
  • Defining an SEO and content marketing strategy

On-Page SEO


1. Content

Our writers focus on developing effective SEO content tailored to showcase your company's strengths. Our KPI-focused results allow us to provide services that will actually impact your business.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Analyzing your current traffic metrics
  • Conducting a content audit and looking for material to capitalize on, expand, merge or archive
  • Creating robust content for new and existing pages
  • Developing a strong internal linking strategy to encourage your audience to continue clicking through your site 
  • Implementing content optimized for your target market – whether infographics, images, data or video
  • Drafting blog posts and guides to engage your audience and answer their questions

2. Technical Optimization

We also implement technical optimization of your pages so search engines can more easily find and understand the content of your pages. This includes:

  • Crawling your site
  • Analyzing server logs
  • Examining technical performance indicators SEO (errors, crawl, indexed pages, active pages, etc.)
  • Completing technical optimizations
  • Improving your site's crawlability for search engines

Off-Page SEO: Backlink Building

Search engines crawl web pages and analyze their popularity through the number of pages linking to them. Backlinks from trusted, authoritative sites signal the quality of your site.

At HexaGroup, we provide:

  • Analysis of incoming links
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Identification of new backlinking opportunities
  • Activation of dormant or dead links

The results? More traffic, more conversions and improved rankings.

Local SEO Services

We'll help you reach perhaps the most important customers for your business – the ones closest to you. Our team will optimize your Google My Business page, add location pages to signal which customers are near you, and develop content for your local market.

We'll also connect your site with tools such as nearby directories, resources and guides that show search engines that you provide value for your neighbors.



Case Study: EnergyFunders

With HexaGroup, the investing firm saw their organic click-through-rate jump nearly 24%.

See the full campaign metrics.

Why Choose HexaGroup's SEO Services? 

A data-driven Houston SEO company, we have remained at the forefront of SEO services for more than two decades due to our insatiable desire to be the best. With continuous research into new technologies, our unmatched attention to research and analytics, and our extensive expertise in the creation of optimized content, we use all of our available resources and the most modern SEO strategies to make our clients' websites stand out from the rest on search engines.

We have an award-winning track record of increasing brand identity and awareness by implementing sound SEO principles to our clients' profiles.

More than 75 B2B and B2C clients have chosen HexaGroup for their local SEO services, with the results visible through increased rankings for competitive keywords on major search engines. 

Talk to us about driving increased traffic, and higher quality traffic, to your site with our  local SEO services.