Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a foundational component in any Web marketing activity as it ensures the visibility of a website in search engine results. However, it is often approached as an afterthought and without any clear understanding of the science which underpins it. To complicate the situation, the world of search engine algorithms and SEO evolves constantly. The rationale behind why a particular site ranks better than its competitor today does not mean long-term success is guaranteed.

Our SEO Services

HexaGroup's comprehensive approach to SEO ensures search engine visibility both now and in the future. Our SEO process all begins with strategy, as we analyze the needs a site's content should meet, based on business objectives. We then implement on-page optimization elements, content marketing strategies and link-building services.

HexaGroup's SEO Process


Competitive Benchmark: SEO and Content Strategy


Most SEO companies jump right into keywords, analytics and competitive analysis of those keywords. Wrong move. Search is about fulfilling needs. Before looking at a single keyword, there needs to be a deep understanding of business objectives and the market.

HexaGroup accomplishes this through:

  • Analysis of the competitive positioning
  • Search positioning opportunities. Is the market saturated?
  • Study of key thematic semantic market
  • Study of search volumes
  • Estimation of the potential audience (volumes)
  • Defining the SEO and content marketing strategy
  • Competitive intelligence

On-Page Optimization


1. Content

Our content writers focus on developing effective on-site and off-site SEO content tailored to showcase your company's strengths. Our KPI-focused results allow us to provide services that will actually impact your business.


Some of the services we offer include:

  • New content for new pages and existing ones alike
  • Strong internal linking foundation for greater SEO results, including user experience and conversion rates
  • Custom resources and guides to translate your message to your market
  • Creation of blog posts to engage your audience with the use of CTAs and links
  • Detail-oriented analysis of your company's website to find grammatical/foundational flaws to improve online presence

2. Technical Optimization

  • Crawl site
  • Analysis of server logs
  • Analysis of technical performance indicators SEO (errors, crawl, indexed pages, active pages, etc.)
  • On-page optimization
  • Improved crawl for search engines

Content Marketing Implementation

Search Engine Optimization is the best method for obtaining high rankings on search engines. Websites are crucial to a company's business and there exists no better way of promoting them than by SEO. At HexaGroup, our job is to make what counts in your business appear as high as possible on various search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing — and for the long run.

B2B brand building is the essence of content marketing with the purpose of developing relevant media to match your target audience's needs. On-page content such as blogs, Web pages and videos, work in coordination with off-page content such as social media posts, press releases and directories, to produce quality content that is shared among your target audience. The results? More traffic, more conversions and improved rankings.

Link Building

If your content isn't linkable or linked to, no one will see it. If no one can see it, your search rankings will suffer. Linking is an integral part of any SEO content marketing strategy. Search engines crawl through webpages and analyze their popularity through the number of pages linking to them. Metrics like trust, authority and spam are directly affected by the quality of a website's links.

At HexaGroup, we provide:

  • Analysis of incoming links
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Activation of dormant or dead links
  • Definition and implementation of the strategy

Why HexaGroup for SEO?

HexaGroup has remained at the forefront of SEO implementation for over two decades due to our constant research into industry best practices, relentless vigilance of new technologies, unmatched attention to research and analytics, and extensive expertise in the creation of optimized content. We use all of our available resources and the most modern SEO strategies to make our clients' websites stand out from the rest on search engines. We have an award-winning track record of increasing brand identity and awareness by implementing sound SEO principles to our clients' profiles.

More than 75 B2B and B2C clients have chosen HexaGroup for their SEO needs and the results showcased increased rankings on the major search engines. Our SEO goal at HexaGroup is to create new business for our clients on both a short-term and long-term basis.