Your audience has the attention span of a butterfly — catch them in the first breath or they’re fluttering off to the next thing. 3D animation captures and holds their attention, gets your point across and both informs and entertains. When done effectively, 3D animation can be a powerful visual aid, from demonstrating how new technologies will operate in target environments to realistically portraying how specific processes are conducted for learning purposes. 3D animation brings abstract concepts and processes to life, while achieving your business goals.

Our 3D Animation Services

HexaGroup is one of the largest Houston-based 3D animation specialists with skill sets ranging from industrial animation and character animation to prototypes and logos. We specialize in energy and oil and gas but also have a strong portfolio of medical animations, architectural renderings and fly-throughs.

We include 3D animation in many of our deliverables including interactive, websites, training and print projects, providing an end product that is often photorealistic, resembling an actual photograph or movie.

Because many frames in a 3D animation project require rendering, 3D rendering can be a lengthy process. Our 3D rendering farm allows us to quickly provide 3D rendering services, expediting the project turnaround time and minimizing expense.

In addition, we develop a significant number of 3D illustrations, especially for training purposes to help users understand a process or technique. We also offer traditional animation services that cover a range of applications while employing strong design principles. Our 2D animation or illustration services include character designing, complete production, realistic and non-realistic motion styling, technical animation and simulation. 

Using our established 3D animation development process, we are able to deliver 3D animation projects on time and within budget.

Our key applications:

  • Product presentation
  • Prototype development
  • Trade show interactive displays
  • Training and e-learning modules
  • Large format 3D graphics
  • Museum exhibits
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual tours
  • Video games

Why Choose HexaGroup's 3D Animation Services?

We know how to use 3D to help you achieve your specific business goals. Our 3D designers integrate their modeling, compositing and animation expertise to breathe life into concepts and technologies. They possess extensive experience creating 3D animations for energy, oil and gas, medical, architectural and museum-related projects.