More than a logo or tagline, a brand is the very personification of a company — the product or service combined with a promise.

Brand creation, repositioning or messaging challenges come in different flavors and require an agile methodology based on your objectives: 

  • Introducing an existing product into a new channel or market
  • Gaining market share from a new competitive entry
  • Wanting to be more consistent in messaging and visual communications
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Merging or acquiring another company
  • Competing with established products or services
  • Growing market share even with economic or other pressures
  • Connecting your Salesforce messaging and marketing 

Our structured Brand Asset Management (BAM) process is the cornerstone of our branding services and how we’ll lead you through a successful branding initiative. The five-step process is extremely flexible and we adapt it to your goals:

  • Phase 1: Discovery
    • Understand the business strategy
    • Uncover key insights on the brand, target groups, marketplace and competition – we get some of that information from the Clustaar keyword analysis
    • Determine the internal and external view of the brand
  • Phase 2: Future Identity and Position
    • Determine future desired identity
    • Establish and validate the desired position
    • Ensure the brand strategy supports the business strategy
  • Phase 3: Portfolio Strategy
    • Organize and structure the entire offering
    • Identify roles and relationships
    • Establish the rationale
    • Ensure names support the strategy
  • Phase 4: Audience Needs
    • Evaluate who the brand should target
    • Define their wants and needs
    • Identify how the brand can meet their wants and needs
    • Create brand messages for target groups
  • Phase 5: Internal
    • Determine the behavior that will enhance the brand
    • Create a clear, simple and motivational understanding of the brand strategy
    • Provide structure to ensure the consistent delivery of the desired brand impression

Why HexaGroup for Branding?

HexaGroup's branding services call upon an experienced team of research, marketing and creative professionals who possess years of experience analyzing current brand perceptions and developing new brand identities across both online and offline media. We employ marketing project managers who have knowledge across a range of industry sectors and who take time to develop a deep understanding of our client's specific challenges. HexaGroup’s award winning creative teams translate this abstract knowledge into a single, unifying branding vision.