Powerful moving images are very much like TV ads. They make a positive impact on memory long after an audience has left a presentation or visitors have exited a website. However, they are far more cost-effective to produce and serve a purpose much longer than anything seen on television.

A website, sales pitch, executive presentation or trade show display that utilizes motion graphics, animation and video is more than just entertainment, it's a talking point among its audience. With memorable content that truly brings your vision to life, you can increase the target message's impact and capture attention.

Our Motion Graphics Services

HexaGroup's team of creative artists and animators has mastered motion graphics techniques for numerous styles. Animation techniques have evolved over the years, and our services reflect this evolution from simple 2D animated cartoons to complex 3D structures.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Comic book style / Graphic novel videos
  • Cartoon-style videos
  • 2D animated characters and images
  • Animated infographics
  • Graphic compositing and onscreen text in all video and 3D animation production

We can partner with you to develop motion graphics for your next product launch, company meeting, trade show event, website or any other marketing need. If you have to train your staff; introduce a procedure, service or product; educate or inform the general public; motivate a team or explain complex concepts to a diverse audience; or just show off your achievements, we can produce compelling motion graphics, animation and video that will far exceed your expectations.

Why Partner with HexaGroup's Motion Graphics Services?

HexaGroup's expert staff with 20 years of experience understands the importance of effective motion graphics implementation to create lasting memories of your content for your audience. Videos and animations capture attention in ways other sources of content cannot. The possibilities are endless when it comes motion graphics and the effects they can have.

With our ability to give you a quick turnaround, you will have a highly engaging animation, video or presentation for your upcoming event or new website exactly when you need it.