HexaGroup understands that our clients know their customers, business and industry sector best. This is why we provide unmatched experience in translating abstract knowledge into a website architecture that will help reach overall business objectives and associated KPIs.

Our Information Design Process

Planning is an essential element to starting on the right foot. At HexaGroup, our process encompasses numerous aspects necessary for a strong website development project, starting with discovery and information design principles.

  • Phase 1 - Listen

    The client is a fountain of knowledge, so we start at the source. We conduct a directed workshop with key players in your organization. We direct. You talk.

    During these workshops, we cover:

    • Website objectives
    • Marketing and communication objectives
    • Content requirements
      • Licensed content
      • Migrated content
      • Content to be developed
      • User-generated content
    • Audience analysis
    • High-level functionality requirements and CMS selection
  • Phase 2 - Research

    Perception is one thing. Reality is quite another. Without research, it’s difficult to know what to expect on the road ahead.

    Research and analysis - We perform a thorough analysis based on key elements:

    • Google-based research (Beyond keyword analysis, we use Google at its full power.)
      • Search queries analysis
      • Search volume analysis and categorization
      • Finding industry trends
    • Competitive analysis
      • Search engine positioning
      • Information architecture (site structure, content, audience)
      • Interface (best practices)
      • Usability (best practices)
      • Marketability
    • Content audit (existing website)
  • Phase 3 – Question

    Question the audience and target market. Validate our research.

    We advocate case-by-case development of an audience analysis strategy. Strategies often include:

    • Questionnaires to select panel of users
    • Use case evaluation in face-to-face interviews
    • Participant observation of actual site usage
  • Phase 4 - Deliver

    Summarize, suggest and set sail for next steps.

    Strategize our findings and provide clear recommendations. Transition to Content Production and Visual Design.

    • Present competitive analysis
    • Present recommendations
    • Deliver wireframes
    • Deliver sitemap and content flowchart
    • Deliver content development requirements
    • Outline website governance
  • The Deliverables
    • Website analysis and recommendations
    • Sitemap and content flowchart
    • Site wireframes
    • Search engine analysis (upstream SEO)
    • Content development requirements and planning

Why HexaGroup for Information Design?

With over 20 years of experience, HexaGroup is a leader in information design implementation, having created award-winning sites recognized for structure and navigation. Our approach always ties back to one common denominator: our client. Every decision during the information design process is made by taking into account all of a client's objectives and delivering results that fulfill them. We believe that by developing and fostering this type of relationship with your company, the information design process progresses smoothly and efficiently. Our information design process affords special attention to the development of the plan in order to execute it as flawlessly as possible.