B2B Saas Marketing That Sparks Leads and Conversions

As a SaaS company, you hate churn. We get it. Churn is the worst! You work hard to move your customers through the funnel, and it hurts to see them go, often for reasons that have nothing to do with your product.

At HexaGroup, we understand that SaaS marketing is a long process that doesn't end with a successful conversion. You face competition attracting an audience, you fight for valuable engagement, and you need to keep your message in front of your consumers even after they've picked your product as their SaaS solution. 

Our goal is to help make your B2C and B2B SaaS marketing more efficient and strategic through a customized blend of SEO, PPC, social media and other inbound marketing tactics. You have a great product; let's make sure people know that.


Our B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy and Services



In a perfect world, a product's merits would be obvious, and the best product – yours, obviously – would be the most purchased. In our world, you have to work a little harder to convince people. Our SaaS marketing strategy includes branding that makes a strong first impression and captures attention. We can create clean, consistent imagery and compelling narrative that stands out in a cluttered marketplace. 


It's no secret that SaaS SEO is cutthroat. Your potential customers are searching for the answer to their company's questions, so it's vital that you're able to provide it to them before your competitors can. Our SEO team members are experts at keyword research, blog writing and organic traffic so that your pages rank high and your leads grow.


PPC and social ads are a valuable tool for a strong SaaS marketing strategy. You're able to put your brand directly in front of an audience who has told you that they're interested in your product. With retargeting and strong keywords, pay per click ads can move customers through the funnel no matter what stage they're in. 

Organic Social 

For SaaS companies, marketing doesn't stop after you convert a potential customer into a user. Organic social media is a great avenue to continually promote new features or products, have real-time conversations with customers and promote yourself as a leader in your space. These interactions keep you top of mind with your audience and excite them with valuable content. 

Site Design

A tech company with an unimpressive or confusing website is scaring customers away. Our digital experts know that B2B SaaS marketing needs to direct potential users to a website worth their time.

That's why we can help you do everything from giving your site a facelift to rebuilding it with design and content that focuses on turning your audience into users through a free software trial, demo download or paid version subscription.

Why Choose HexaGroup as Your B2B SaaS Marketing Agency? 

Just like your company, HexaGroup values data-driven analysis to inform all of our decisions. Throwing things against the wall can be fun, but when it comes to business, we prefer a more refined approach. Under every decision is a foundation of market research and keyword analysis to make sure each move is working in concert with the next step. 

That means more leads, more efficient budgeting and stronger brand recognition in your space. Add all of that up, and you get less churn. It makes us happy just thinking about it. 

Once you're done daydreaming about all of those new, lifelong customers, send us a message to make it a reality today.