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HexaGroup is an award-winning niche digital communications agency known for trust, problem-solving and innovation.

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For over 20 years, we’ve brought the right balance of marketing and communications strategy, creative, analytics, tactical and technology expertise to our clients around the world. Our ability to produce great content, coupled with our passion for technology, enables us to engage audiences, solve business problems and capitalize on opportunities.

As marketing consultants, inbound marketers, software engineers, Web developers and creative artists, we churn out the highest quality work, maintain flexibility, and keep up our sense of humor by loving what we do and laughing a lot along the way.

At HexaGroup, outside the box creativity drives captivating design and content for websites, videos and 3D animation, while our strong Microsoft .NET practice propels software and Web development offerings to new levels. Based in Houston, Texas, we are uniquely positioned to serve the energy sector, offering incomparable industry knowledge.

Our Approach

Our history as a Web development company enabled us to bring together strategy, content, creativity and technical expertise to grow into a strong content development firm.

As a successful marketing communications agency and Microsoft .NET practice, we are a company with a split personality — creative and technical. We offer services in the areas of Web development, technical projects, marketing and creative design and communication.

From creating unique marketing campaigns to a solid Web presence with video and 3D animation, whether you’ve asked us to help you reach new customers, sell, train, educate or bend the new tools of the digital age to your best advantage, the answer will always be “yes.”

We spent our first decade blending our skills to create unique and effective solutions for our clients. Our second decade saw us expand into crafting successful software applications and communication tools by following a disciplined methodology and applying the latest IT innovations.

At HexaGroup, we approach every project with a fresh outlook, as we establish a relationship with our clients that cultivates a creative partnership. From major leaders in the oil and gas industry to leading medical institutions, our clients are business savvy, dynamic professionals who are passionate about their products and services. We work with their internal communications teams, human resources and training departments, as well as marketing teams, IT departments and C-suite executives. Our clients are developing the next generation of energy solutions, training the business leaders of tomorrow, making major medical breakthroughs and serving the Houston community.

Our Team

Meet the HexaGroupies: an impressive assemblage of individuals from very different and distinct backgrounds. We come together as a solid team possessing skills from the highly creative to the purely technical, always on the forefront of the latest technology.

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Houston Marketing

HexaGroup is a leading Houston marketing agency with solid strategy, content, creativity, and technical expertise. We engage audiences, solve business problems, and capitalize on opportunities using our passion for technology and ability to produce great content.

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