Social media never sleeps, and while you're busy growing your business, you may not have the time to monitor each new trending hashtag or viral video. 

We take the stress out of social media management with our multimedia content creation, data and performance analytics, and relationship building with the potential customers and thought leaders in your industry. 

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Strategically planning a social media campaign starts with evaluating your business and goals. Whether you want to increase B2C sales or build long-term B2B relationships, HexaGroup has the creative and technical tool kit to optimize your ROI.

Social Media Management

Social media is all about generating great conversations, content and sound bites. While it's traditionally been a vehicle for direct interaction with consumers, B2B companies are also increasingly harnessing its power to increase brand awareness, generate leads and convert customers, all within the social website or app. Based on our clients' needs, HexaGroup provides the full marketing, technical and creative services to launch campaigns and the research and analytical support to optimize them continually.

With our social media services, HexaGroup:

  • Serves useful information about your products and services through casual, brief media
  • Starts a conversation with prospects
  • Provides value to your customers with strategic content that doesn't directly promote your services but keeps them returning for more tips, industry analysis or entertainment
  • Increases brand and product awareness
  • Amplifies the voice of your brand and showcases your company's values

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram, online campaigns are an interactive, cost-effective way for marketers to reach an unprecedented number of potential customers and businesses.

We create a data-driven strategy, including researching trending hashtags in your industry, evaluating your competition's social accounts, examining your target market's media habits, planning cohesive messaging across channels and developing visuals that highlight your brand and spark your audience's interest. 

Once launched, we continue to monitor your campaigns' growth to capitalize on what's successful and continue to engage your audience. 

A Case Study

As part of an integrated marketing campaign with investment company EnergyFunders, HexaGroup managed the company's social accounts, reaching a wider audience than ever. 

The results showed major improvements across networks after implementing our social media services:

  • Total session volume increased by 1,067% (70 vs. 6).
  • Total page views increased by 1,064% (198 vs. 17).
  • Average session duration increased by 99% (1:46 vs. 0:53).
  • Average session duration improved by 69% (2:45 vs. 1:37).
  • Average pages per session improved by 37% (3.01 vs. 2.2).
  • Total page views increased by 41% (261 vs. 185).
  • Average session duration increased by 182% (3:33 vs. 1:15).

Social Media Advertising

Social media provides an array of highly-targeted advertising options, which can be uniquely tailored to individual interest, characteristics, location and more.

Social media ads are an increasingly popular option when creating integrated ad campaigns. With social media becoming widely used among numerous potential audiences, our clients know the necessity of expanding their brand and taking advantage of these platforms - these days social media is a viable channel for many B2B companies, not just B2C.

HexaGroup provides the knowledge and skill in developing effective social ads, with strong experience advertising on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Quora

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Why Partner with HexaGroup As Your Social Media Marketing Company?

HexaGroup runs successful, cost-effective social media promotions that raise awareness, without raising your costs. We're a proven leader in the field and provide both the outside-the-box thinking and technical toolkit to successfully cultivate your presence online.

Our team takes the stress out of content creation, reporting and analysis while cultivating relationships with your customers. As customers' attention spans grow shorter, we bring even more resources to help you attract, and convert, your ideal customers and turn them into long-term fans.

If you’re ready to build your brand, contact our team today to see how we can develop your social media presence.