HexaGroup uses specialized writers to ensure our clients have instant access to a depth of industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our content strategy services rigorously test our clients' assumptions of typical purchasers and the questions those purchasers need answered before making a purchasing decision.

Armed with this insight, HexaGroup creates content that anticipates the needs of sales teams, and builds collateral, presentations and other tools that connect your company’s solutions to your customer's challenge or need. Quality content, produced with your brand and target audience in mind, will generate traffic, engage users and create customers.


Engage customers through a unified brand message across all media platforms. Whether you want to increase your presence on social media, deliver targeted PPC ads or develop a corporate video, we'll craft the message to your medium and customize its style and tone to fit your brand voice and meet your KPIs. 

Technical Writing

Knowledgeable in numerous industries, our writers use everyday language and easy-to-understand terminology to clarify the details of your company's value to your visitors and employees. Our experts develop multimedia content, from white papers to infographics to instruction manuals, to convey clearly your message and its technical points. 

Translation Services

HexaGroup utilizes a proven network of best-in-class partners with different tools to provide the best translation and localization solutions to meet your specific needs.

Web Copy

You want to attract visitors to your site – and encourage them to stay. Through search engine optimization, we bring visitors to your site, and through web copy development we guide them through your site as they progress from visitors to leads to customers.

Our content experts will create copy to showcase your brand's personality through a consistent tone, whether informative, authoritative, playful or sincere. They'll answer the questions your customers are asking and develop the resources that reveal your company's value to its audience. 

Our B2B Content Marketing Services Process

Often, content is the determining factor as to whether a visitor stays on a website or exits. At HexaGroup, we follow a web content production process to ensure your visitors stay and engage. Whether your website is brand new or getting a makeover, we develop a customized content strategy that will increase website traffic, raise brand awareness and improve site conversions.

  • Phase 1 – Consolidate

    Get everything on the table.

    Create a framework of existing content and your direction.

    • Specific identification of content sources
    • Creation of content matrices
    • Gathering of all original source materials into a common repository
    • Sorting of existing content by section and page
    • Sourcing of third-party content
  • Phase 2 – Plan & Assign Roles

    Who's who? Some projects only require one content developer while others require a whole team. We assign roles and designate content experts.

    • Finalizing development timeline
    • Assigning content development roles
    • Making arrangements to interview content experts
  • Phase 3 – Produce

    Words, visuals, action!

    • Copywriting
      • Voice
      • Tone
      • Messaging
      • Style guidelines
      • Optimization for SEO
    • Core graphic selection
    • Content review and approval
    • Multimedia content production
      • Existing video editing
      • Interviews
      • New animated and multimedia content (video, 2D and 3D animations, HTML5 animation)
      • Translation and localization
  • The Deliverables
    • Page-by-page textual content for each page
    • Multimedia content and animations
    • Translation and localization

Why Choose HexaGroup for Your B2B Content Marketing Services?

As a creative content marketing agency, we harness the power of words, graphics, videos and multimedia. Our team meets your goals through developing various media, specializing in crafting industry-focused content that captures your audience's attention while delivering your message. 

Ready to partner with a team of forward-thinking writers, graphic designers, video production professionals and animators? Talk to us about your business objectives and we'll get started.