Professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentations set your work apart from other presenters.

How many times have you attended a professional presentation and were distracted by fonts falling off a slide, graphics that overwhelmed or looked dated, or by graphs and tables that were generated on a desktop but were ultimately indiscernible to the intended audience?

Our PowerPoint Presentation Services

HexaGroup's PowerPoint pros take our clients' drafted presentation and translate it into a blueprint for the final product, including palette, table and graph standards and master slides.

We'll consult with you on content and your initial message, appropriately adapt that message to engage your audience, build your presentation so that it visually pops, and ensure your entire presentation is consistent and following established guidelines and best practices. The end result impresses colleagues and management and maximizes the delivery of your message.

Our PowerPoint presentation services include:

  • Power messaging
  • Content development
  • Template development
  • Infographics, charts and custom illustrations
  • Associated animation or video-based embedded objects
  • PowerPoint management systems


HexaPoint is a web-based PowerPoint presentation management tool that allows users to securely centralize and share their PowerPoint presentations with the rest of the organization.

What sets the tool apart from the multitude of online document management systems is a powerful search engine that crawls inside existing files, slides and associated notes, instantly locating and displaying relevant presentations and files.

With its highly intuitive interface, users can select slides of interest, drag them into a slide basket and compose their own presentation by leveraging slides from the various existing presentations.

Via the HexaPoint slide index software, employees can undertake advanced searches, combine and edit existing presentations and fully utilize and grow the slides contained in the in-house PowerPoint library.