6 Ways a Chatbot Can Help Your Business

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Want more lead generation and better customer support for your website? OK, that’s a rhetorical question, and the answer is “of course you do, and you need to add a chatbot.”

Clustaar is a chatbot platform dedicated to automating customer support for your business. Below are six ways our chatbot can give you the edge you need:

1. Chatbots automate customer service for those predictable, repetitive questions.

Today's tech-savvy customers opt for fast fixes and want to find answers to their questions on their own. The reluctance to enter the labyrinth of a telephone inquiry process especially during a busy shopping season is a natural incentive that encourages customers to engage with a chatbot.

A chatbot can handle much of the routine inquiry traffic and free up human reps for the more complicated calls and emails.

2. Chatbots convert visitors to users and users to customers.

That clever avatar that pops up when visitors come to the site is like the smiling, nicely groomed representative at your favorite restaurant. It makes visitors feel welcome. That warm and fuzzy feeling is the first step to convincing customers to extend their site visit and explore the merchandise.

Users become customers when some visual cue (e.g., a chatbot holding a sign with a special announcement) coincides with what the customer is looking for. Often that coincidence can be fed by a cookie or morsel of business intelligence elicited from a customer’s previous visit.

3. Chatbots can present customers with personalized offers.

Customer interactivity can prompt the chatbot to present the customer with offers and deals related to a service or product they are seeking. Say the visitor is clicking through products for metal fabricating. The chatbot could offer the visitor a special on metal fabricating services or related services to turn the visitor into a customer.

4. Chatbots are interactive.

Chatbots actually increase customer engagement because of what they do: they give site visitors the honest impression of personal service and that your brand cares about the quality of the service. Take the following example:

Chatbot: “Hello, welcome to our site. How can I help you today?”

Visitor: “Can you tell me if your disgronifiers are 120 or 210 voltage?”

Chatbot: “We don’t carry disgronifiers. They have been banned by OSHA as a shock hazard. But we have a wonderful array of voltage meters and electrical safety equipment. Click below to talk to our customer representative, Electra.”

5. Chatbots never sleep and don't need bathroom breaks.

The Clustaar chatbot stands ready 24/7. That feature makes the customer engagement effective during any time zone's business hours. If the chatbot can’t cope with a customer’s problem, it can alert a customer rep or provide a way to leave a detailed message for your qualified sales force.

6. Chatbots are reliable amanuenses.

We couldn’t end this post without a little vocabulary showmanship. An amanuensis is someone who takes verbatim dictation and writes everything down. Your chatbot does that. Its log of customer interactions is just the ticket for amassing business intelligence as well as addressing problems. In fact, those records are just what you need to make your chatbot – and your business model – more efficient and effective in providing products and services your customers care about.

Want to learn more ways in which a chatbot can help your business? Contact us or download the ebook.