Marketing Outsourcing - The Secret of Leading Marketing Departments

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Did you know that many of the leading marketing departments around the globe are responding proactively to the new economy by implementing innovative marketing outsourcing approaches?  They have learned that the ad agency model or project overflow outsourcing were either too costly or non efficient.  Through this new type of marketing outsourcing service level agreement (SLAs) they are able to accomplish much more with their resources and eliminate the drag of back-burner projects that seem to never get done or done at a high cost.

I am going to share with you some of the same strategies used by these world-renown companies without disclosing their identity.  After all, they are enjoying the spotlight created by these efficient systems and would like to keep all the glory to themselves. 

Through this series of short articles, we will show you how some of our clients boost their marketing reach by bringing our firm in to help.  Here are the first 5:

  • Calculate your in-house marketing costs.  Research the real cost of developing your marketing deliverables taking into account internal and external costs.  This is easier than you think and great data moving forward.
  • Expand corporate identity guidelines.    Clearly defined guidelines that add elements like multi-media, 3-D animation and video improve efficiency and can also be used as a training tool.  When highly trained marketing expertise is combined with benchmarks (process, quality, costs) for consistent deliverables marketing results improve.
  • Results Driven service structure.  I usually work with my client to determine Key Performance Indicators that align with the client personal objectives and overall management ROI goals.  Our SLA and compensation structure is then directly associated with these KPIs. 
  • Innovative response to the demand for inbound marketing.  Customer acquisition has changed drastically.  Today’s savvy consumers know they are in the driver’s seat.  The customer expects access to multiple technologies in a game of seek and find.  Leading companies benefit from a marketing partner who knows how to be found…and also know how to keep being found as buyer preferences continue to change.
  • International Marketing Expertise.  We live in a global economy with multiple languages, traditions and cultures.  Our team serves our client’s international needs - from simple content translation to full-scale analysis of buying behavior and cultural differences.  We understand international.


Do you sometimes find yourself needing specialized resources?  We want you to achieve your biggest goals.  Contact us to find out if we can help you get there.

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More than 20 years of access to our creatively diverse and highly skilled team has built long term client relationships.  Along the way, we have become much more important to their success than just being a good digital agency.  We have become an integral partner in the success of our clients, as an innovative outsourcing resource and a unique team of highly skilled creative and technical consultants.  They trust us to deliver – every time, on time, with exactly what we promise.

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