What’s Wrong With MY Website?

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Cartoon Alphabet SmallHave you ever spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to develop new marketing activities and gotten paltry results?  It can be very frustrating.  For example, the whole point of having a website is to generate leads and sales.  Too often, the websites hang around like china in the formal dining room…waiting for a special occasion to be used.  There is really no excuse for spending a huge amount of resources and getting a disappointing level of sales as a result.

If you are not getting enough leads through your website, stop wasting time and money immediately.

It’s not your fault. 

A business website that leads to sales is actually pretty rare.  The majority of businesses create websites that collect dust.  They bleed leads because of a confusing message, or even unintentionally repel potential buyers.  Too often, the business owner or manager cannot begin to figure out why.

Well meaning web designers are known for creating beautiful websites that have all the bells and whistles to make them look really, really good.  Unfortunately, they end up being nothing more than a digital brochure.  (Remember the full-color, multiple page brochures that were all the rage a decade ago?)

Why isn’t an informative, attractive website enough for sales?

Knowing the constantly shifting way consumers purchase is a complicated science.  Simply showing a potential buyer what you offer is no longer enough.  They expect you to make it easy – and entertain them too.

This buying behavior began with the B2C market and has quickly moved into the buying patterns within the B2B community.  We live in a world that is increasingly influenced by information overload.  The convergence of new technology with shorter attention spans makes it harder and harder to get and maintain the attention of today’s buyers.

The demand for specialized creative resources is growing rapidly.  Sometimes, marketing objectives become impossible without the help of outside resources like HexaGroup. 

Most marketing departments hire the best marketing professionals they can.  However, they are generalists who do a great job of creating vision and direction. Even the largest companies don’t have the necessary creative resources to implement the all newest technological challenges.  Outsourcing to highly skilled professionals who focus on a particular area of expertise gives them the best results.

The role and function of a website 

Many areas of deficiency can lead to mediocre sales results.  Here are a few areas where the path between website visits and sales can get off track:

  • Design that does not spark interest and retention on the website.
  • An interface design that doesn’t include a powerful call-to-action.
  • Poor communication between sales and marketing, leads fall through the cracks.
  • Inability to track buyer path in all departments and management.

Is your company efficiently converting web visitors into buyers?  Is your web content engaging enough to keep visitors interested?  If you have less than stellar experience with your digital content, it may be time for us to talk.

 By Arnaud Dasprez