Social Media 101 – a Few Tips

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Social media can definitely help businesses with brand awareness and lead generation.  Here's how you can begin to leverage the power of social media. 

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Increase Online Presence

Creating accounts and profiles on all the popular social media platforms is the first thing to do to make better use of social media. Most of you already have personal profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn. Please ensure you also develop business profiles.  Each social network offers various business benefits, such as LinkedIn's new showcase pages offering.  Do not forget Wikipedia and YouTube, two of the biggest social communities in the world, are beneficial to your SEO.

Increase Connections

After creating profiles and accounts, establishing more connections is a great method to improve your social media presence. Establishing connections mean you are increasing number of your followers and friends on these platforms. The more connections you have, the more leads you generate. Make sure to personalize any connection request if possible, always favor quality over quantity.

Regular Updates Are Important

Posting regular updates is another social media tip that goes a long way. Updates keep you alive in people’s mind and need to adhere to the following four factors:

  • Timing

Most of your connections come from different time zones across the globe. Similarly, different people visit social media at different times of the day as all of them have their own schedules and routines. Therefore, if you want to reach out more people, you should post updates throughout the day.

  • Quantity

Quantity is a topic on its own. It is based on each individual’s tolerance to content overload, the time you select to dedicate to social media, the tools you have available to publish and the social media platform itself.   

  • Frequency

Repeating an update can eliminate the chances of missing any connection in addition with increasing its chances to reach out more people.  Again, do not overdo it.  Two similar posts over a month period is acceptable. 

  • Content

When creating content for social media, think about the following tips: 1) Select your audience before creating content, 2) Your customers care more about your knowledge than they do about your products, 3) Create a content marketing editorial calendar, 4) it is OK to repurpose content; Mix between original and repurposed content.


Increasing the level of interaction is another method of increasing your social media presence, whether it is a “like”, a comment or interacting within a group.

Get Started

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