Strategic Blockchain Marketing

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Today's blockchain innovators have one foot in the future. Yet the promise of blockchain-focused solutions is not lost on the established corporate sphere. IBM, and a number of other big business names have implemented blockchain advantages.

From nimble startups to massive multinationals, early adopters are getting ready to deliver on promises. They're positioning themselves to offer better security, lower overhead and fees, and keener user-friendliness than others who lack fluency in blockchain. Learning from preceding tech eras, they're able to develop marketing styles that seize the best (and leave the rest) of digital blockchain marketing strategy. To make their advantages work, they're doing their research well. They know their audiences.

Marketing Your Blockchain Company

You start with a mission. You construct a sound business plan that respects this mission. Everything's in place, thanks to the knowledgeable people involved. You've brought the company into a solid position for investment, an ICO or sustained growth. Business success must follow.

Yet no matter how good your purpose and plan, who's on board or how much inspiration/perspiration you invest, the project's success cannot happen without one more thing.

Inspired marketing.

Research, analysis, business strategy and marketing flair are all indispensable. You're aware. And you're looking for the experts with the skills to project your well-placed confidence in the project's upward trajectory.

What Sets You Apart

You're introducing an authentic contribution to the economy and to society—a project of integrity, value and scalability.

Not every blockchain-focused company does. We've all witnessed the pumps and dumps. Now, after the chaotic initial ICO boom, prudent investors can identify legitimate arrivals on the blockchain scene. Still, among the offerings that deserve to flourish, some won't stand a chance. Some will struggle to position themselves as standouts.

That's not a struggle you want to set up for your project. You'll want to be prepared in advance.

You know establishing trust quickly is a make-or-break factor. Thus, your branding holds your project's credibility paramount, whether to draw investments, maximize sales or increase market recognition. You're focused on your best target audience. You know your market's expectations and meet them in style. 

What Sets HexaGroup Apart

We are internationally known marketing experts, based in Houston and Paris, collaborating with our clients both in person and remotely. Our tangible strengths are:

  • More than two decades of experience in strategy consulting, marketing, and content creation.
  • Unparalleled industry knowledge coupled with award-winning marketing techniques.
  • Strong software and web development know-how, augmented by partnering with HubSpot partner and Microsoft .NET.
  • Constant, in-house innovation in web analytics to efficiently identify markets, trends, potential and challenges—providing a robust brand analysis for the individual client or project.
  • Experience in qualitative research, including focus groups.
  • Fluency in online advertising, national and international legal restrictions, and workarounds. HexaGroup has successfully petitioned ad copy for approval on both Facebook and Google Ads.

And, unlike most marketing firms, HexaGroup has substantial experience running programmatic, paid-search and social advertising for blockchain projects.

Solid Market Research, Dynamic Business Planning

Good research and analysis form the basis of a good blockchain marketing plan. They equip you with the information you need to steer a project and stay out in front.

At HexaGroup, we develop research-based business strategies designed to leave nothing to chance. We also know chance evolves. So, once you deploy a plan, HexaGroup will collaborate with you to fine-tune it. We'll keep your marketing plan strategically responsive to risks and opportunities that arise organically, en route to your project's goals.

Ready to super-charge your blockchain marketing? Contact us to begin.


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