Understanding Account-Based Marketing Basics

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What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a go-to-market strategy that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to land and expand target accounts. A fundamental business strategy to drive revenue, not a simple campaign or tactic.

What are the Advantages of Account-Based Marketing? 

1. It's personalized.

An ABM plan builds on insights into the account and target persona, then develops content and messages for maximum relevance and resonance with that specific account.

2. It's targeted.

This allows you to focus more resources on the most valuable accounts to your company. These may include accounts that exactly fit your niche market, that bring in significant revenue for your company, and/or that are likely to become long-term customers.

3. It's scalable.

ABM is ideal for driving business with the customers who are most likely to resonate with your value proposition, mesh with your company's ideals and fit your business model. This makes it easier to land new accounts and expand your service offerings within existing accounts.

4. It's marketing-led in close collaboration with sales.

This allows you to integrate your efforts to minimize duplicate work and to concentrate efforts on the potential customers who mean the most for your company's bottom line. 

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What are Account-Based Marketing Tactics? 

1. Identify the companies you want to target.

We examine your ideal customer, asking questions about the organization's size, number of employees, industry niche, location and value proposition. We examine the business model of the target companies, whether they are public or private, B2B or B2C. Once we identify the ideal customer, we'll set about creating a plan to reach them.

2. Create ad campaigns.

We'll craft messaging that meets your ideal customers' pain points and addresses them specifically. Both messaging and images are cohesive with your brand and throughout the campaign on multiple platforms.

3. Implement ad campaigns.

Programmatic ad platforms allow us to translate account targeting, corporate personas, the buyer’s journey and more into highly structured and sequential ad campaigns. They provide the most advanced vehicle to reach stakeholders at specific companies with tailored messaging.

4. Continually optimize campaigns based on their performance.

A defined campaign structure in programmatic ads allows for easy adjustment to specific ad messaging along predefined steps in the buyer's journey. This provides an accessible way to implement ongoing sales feedback, helping to ensure better alignment between marketing and sales with account engagement.

Why Partner with an Account-Based Marketing Company?

At HexaGroup we have decades of experience with all aspects of digital marketing from creation of a strategic plan to implementation to continually optimization so you see the highest level of returns on your investment. Talk to us about creating a data-driven ABM plan that gets your company where you want to go.

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