Used extensively in medical, gaming and military applications, virtual reality or immersive technology simulates a user's physical presence in the real world or an imagined one. The possibilities of this interactive 3D technology in emerging areas such as corporate training, sales and marketing presentations and educational exhibits are endless and bring many advantages.

Our Interactive 3D Touch Screen Services

For today’s media-savvy audiences, the typical business video is a great big yawn. HexaGroup brings the impact, enlightenment and entertainment value of 3D interactivity to the world of work where it responds dynamically and communicates like nothing else can. Our team of experts in instructional design, motion graphics, software development and 3D technology creates a virtual experience that feels real. Wearing 3D glasses adds to the fun and makes the entire experience even more realistic! We integrate 3D and interactivity into your training and marketing tools to excite, engage and immerse viewers, while speeding up the learning and decision-making process. One of our applications is in the oil and gas industry for seismic and reservoir engineering. For all types of business presentations, we add the value of "wow," thanks to immersive technology.

Interactive 3D touch screen applications include:

  • Executive presentations
  • Trade show environments
  • Lobby presentations
  • Training applications
  • Museum exhibits

Why HexaGroup for Interactive 3D Touch Screens?

HexaGroup understands that seeing is believing, especially in the case of interactive 3D technology. As technical gurus, we're on top of where the market is going with more virtual reality environments. Popular and growing, the use of this technology represents a logical continuation of our skill set. Our extensive work in CGI can be developed in stereoscopic 3D, enhancing our technology solutions that enable more effective communications and learning.