First impressions count, and today they're being made on all kinds of devices and screen resolutions. HexaGroup’s award-winning creative design team is a pioneer in responsive design, creating numerous elegant and innovative website designs for companies from super majors to start-ups. From 4K to HD to smartphones, we understand that your visual interface is your company brand, defined by everything from graphics and images to page layouts and fonts. Through the entire process of planning to final implementation, our visual design services merge our creative strategies with today's technology.

Our Visual Design Process

From website layout templates to custom banners, HexaGroup offers comprehensive visual design services to give your website a new identity. If your website is not yet responsive, needs upgraded visuals or presentation, or needs to be designed from scratch, HexaGroup is fully equipped to tackle any project through our visual design process.

  • Phase 1 - Listen

    You have an idea of what you want. It’s our job to help you articulate it.

    • Gather corporate standards
    • Absorb recommendations
    • Gather your likes and dislikes
    • Gather existing visual content (images, etc.)
  • Phase 2 - Conceptual Design

    Start by seeing "the big picture."

    • Maintain consistency with standards, findings and recommendations
    • Allow for diversity by presenting different options
    • Present design concepts in HD format
    • Review and amend per your feedback
    • Finalize a design direction
  • Phase 3 - UI Development

    Make that stunning design actually work!

    Expand selected concepts to a full-fledged interface by adding functionality to the design concept.

    • UI design of all screen resolutions including HD, tablets, smartphones and everything in between (often following Bootstrap framework)
    • Expand templates to multiple page types per content requirements
  • Phase 4 - Produce

    The icing on the cake.

    Apply finishing touches to finalize all website graphical elements.

    • Develop specifications for all elements in each page style
    • Produce all graphics, banners and custom graphics
  • Phase 5 - Prepare & Transition

    Dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s.

    • Convert PSD to HTML template
    • Test and validate the HTML markup for device and browser compatibility
  • The Deliverables
    • Website visual guidelines
    • HTML templates
    • Interface graphics
    • Automatically provide all PSD source files

Why HexaGroup for Visual Design?

Experts at responsive design, our visual designers understand that visual appeal is an essential part of attracting and retaining customers. The HexaGroup team combines elements such as color, shape and size to create the tone of your brand virtually. We specialize in every visual aspect of a website, from the device on which it will be viewed, its screen resolution, custom graphics and banners to additional features such as layout and presentation. We give your website the visual voice it needs to differentiate itself from competitors. Your audience will view a true representation of your brand and truly connect, forging a stronger relationship with your organization.