Ready for More Than White Paper and PR Hype?


The blockchain industry has become synonymous with buzz and exaggeration, but that doesn’t mean your marketing has to be this way. HexaGroup delivers award-winning strategy and true crypto expertise. Our team will help you connect with your audience, while establishing a strong and sustainable digital presence for your venture. After all, blockchain is here to stay.

Whether you’re developing the next big blockchain idea, readying to launch your security token offering (STO) or your coin is already listed, HexaGroup can provide the integrated marketing services you need to grow your project.

A Reliable and Experienced Partner for Project

In the still-nascent world of blockchain, it can often feel impossible to find experienced partners (at least those without a littered past). HexaGroup offers our crypto clients an agency that’s been here before, with sector expertise and a reliable hand for digital marketing. We’ve leveraged our in-house competencies to successfully launch a wide variety of blockchain startups, while driving growth for already established companies. HexaGroup brings the cutting edge of modern marketing to your blockchain project exactly what you need to become a household name in the crypto market

Consulting Designed for Your Project's Needs

Are you preparing to launch your coin and need to establish your brand, build your website or create a social media presence? Are you in the token sale phase and need to integrate your marketing efforts across platforms? Have you successfully launched but need to reach out to all your investors with project updates and continue to grow your brand? Whatever problem you are tackling, we offer customized marketing services designed to help you reach your goals, without adding items to your to-do list. We walk you through the steps of successful marketing strategy for any phase and create a realistic, action-based plan for growth.

  • Blockchain Startups

    Companies that just launched or are still in product development

    • Building brand awareness
    • Audience/persona development
    • Keyword analysis and search engine competitive landscape
    • Creating a marketing strategy for token offerings
    • Developing a marketing plan and tactics for continued growth
    • Building or expanding a website
    • Selecting the most effective tactics to reach your target audience -- email, social media, digital ad campaigns, influencer marketing, etc.
  • Established Projects

    Companies with existing blockchain products or platforms

    • Expanding awareness of your brand
    • Creating a marketing strategy for growth
    • Developing a marketing plan to attract additional investors, users and other stakeholders
  • Prominent Investors

    Individuals looking to facilitate new blockchain startups, or otherwise to partner with established blockchain companies

    • Establishing business liaisons 
    • Creating a marketing strategy
    • Selecting the most effective marketing tactics to reach your goals, whether influencer marketing, conferences, ad campaigns or social media outreach

Blockchain Service Offering

We focus on creating strategies and plans to take you to the next level. You discuss your needs — whether developing a logo, establishing what you want your brand to project, creating messages to investors or integrating your KYC/AML portal. We then create a marketing plan and timeline to help you meet your goals.  With tried and true brand strategies for blockchain companies, we use our crypto and marketing expertise to grow your company.  We make it easy to take your company to the moon.

  • New Project Analysis
    • Use-Case and Feasibility Analysis
    • Market Size Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Customer Profiles
    • Keyword & Search Landscape 
  • Event Marketing and Print Collateral
    • Brochures, Pamphlets and Flyers
    • Pop-up Banners
    • Interactive Booth Displays
    • White Papers
    • Infographics
    • One Pagers
    • Pitch Decks and Other Presentations
    • Speaker Profiles & Topic Suggestions
    • Brand Collateral
    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead
    • PPT Template
    • Word Template
    • Branding Guidelines
    • Media Kits
  • Integrated Digital Marketing


    • Design & Development
    • Branding & MarCom Elements
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Blog Management & Content Syndication

    Inbound Campaigns

    • Premium Content Creation
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Outbound Campaigns

    • Remarketing & Programmatic Display
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Email Marketing
    • Physical Ads (Billboards, Airport Terminals, etc.)
  • PR & Community

    Public Relations

    • Established pipeline of journalists
    • Distribution of press releases
    • Online reputation monitoring (social media and otherwise)
    • Control boundaries on messaging where applicable

    Community Development

    • Cross platform social media management
    • Social media engagement (e.g., posts, replies, AMAs)
    • Staffed support for high-activity channels (e.g., Telegram)

    Influencer Management

    • Discovery, outreach and coordination with influencers