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HexaGroup Honored with AMA Crystal Award for Axalta Mobile App

HexaGroup recognized by Houston's premier professional marketing organization.

May 25, 2017


AMA Crystal Award
At the AMA Crystal Awards, HexaGroup was recognized for its Color Matching App for Axalta, a leading global coatings company.


With a focus on the development, manufacture, and sale of liquid and powder coatings, Axalta was looking to develop an innovative product to increase durability, enhance productivity, and add beauty. Since the process today to request a color chip can be extremely time consuming and is not always reliable, they sought out HexaGroup’s help to find a better way to complete the paint color match process. Having to go to a job site to inspect a pipeline or vehicle that needs recoating and then referring back to a comprehensive book of color samples to complete a color chip request leaves room for errors. HexaGroup was tasked with solving issues in the preliminary stages of the color coating process, including the amount of time it takes to visit sites and choose a color at a later date, and the need to reduce errors in color requests.

HexaGroup’s solution was to design a cutting-edge app for paint color matching that stood out from the competition and simplified processes. After several brainstorming sessions with Axalta, the Color Matching App was created. “Our new and exciting Color Matching App provides the powder coating industry with a quick and simple way to scan a color and select the best Axalta match,” says Kristen Boys, Axalta’s Marketing Manager for powder products.

This tool allows users to scan any surface and easily match it to an Alesta stock powder coating hue. The users are given the option to take a photo at the site, choose from a library of photos, browse the color library, store colors to use again later, and are provided with multiple options for matching colors. The original color chip request process will greatly decrease since the user can now send requests straight from their device, cutting out unnecessary stages of the process and eliminating risks of error.

HexaGroup Honored with AMA Crystal Award for Axalta Mobile App

Not only did HexaGroup create a helpful tool for customers, we also designed a lead generator process within the app to advance Axalta’s marketing efforts. The user will complete a sign-in form when utilizing the app and their information is sent to Axalta to increase their leads. No other company in this field is using this type of technology, making Axalta stand out above the competition. HexaGroup held an official luncheon to announce the launch of the Color Matching App and submitted press releases that were promoted by several aligning companies, including: Surface Finishing, World of Chemicals, Nasdaq, and Coatings World.

This innovative app aligns with Axalta objectives to continuously find ways to better serve more than 100,000 customers in 130 countries, every day, with the finest coatings, application systems, and technology.

About Axalta

In 2016, Axalta celebrates 150 years in the coatings industry. From the inception of our business in 1866 to the manufacture of next generation environmentally compatible products demanded in the 21st century, we have continued to evolve. What has not changed is a tradition of quality, technology, innovation, and leadership that puts our customers first.

Singular focus on providing brilliant coatings sets us apart. Axalta Coating Systems is a leading global coatings company dedicated solely to the development, manufacture and sale of liquid and powder coatings. Axalta products increase durability, enhance productivity, and add beauty. We provide a range of performance and transportation coatings for manufacturers of light and commercial vehicles, the refinish aftermarket and for many industrial coating system applications. Innovative products and services include paint and powder, color matching tools, application technologies and customer training, support and business management systems.

About HexaGroup

HexaGroup is an award-winning digital marketing agency that blends marketing strategy and implementation, advertising, content creation, and interactive and website development. Based in Houston, Texas, we are experts in B2B and offer incomparable industrial and energy knowledge.


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