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HexaGroup Launches TGS Website Featuring Advanced Content Personalization

Site visitors view content customized to their location, history with TGS and more.

May 28, 2019
HexaGroup launches new TGS website

Continuing its 15-year partnership with TGS, a leading subsurface data company, HexaGroup has unveiled the fourth-generation TGS website, featuring a new data-centered design and technical implementation on the HubSpot Content Management System.

Beyond its beautiful design and advanced user interface featuring many microinteractions, the website offers advanced content personalization capabilities. The website’s full integration with the company’s customer-relationship management (CRM) enables personalization on multiple levels. All visitors view a site customized to their geolocation and previous interaction with the site. Plus, a unique feature of the HubSpot platform allows personalization of the website based on visitors’ data (such as job title and company) in TGS’ CRM. 

As part of its content development efforts, HexaGroup conducted a ClustaarTM market analysis, HexaGroup’s proprietary keyword research technology to determine the overall size, segmentation and competitive landscape of the geological and geophysical data markets. This analysis drove website content strategy to improve search engine ranking.   

“Generally, any new site launch causes a drop in keyword rankings and traffic. We actually improved TGS’ overall search engine positioning in two months after the launch,” said Arnaud Dasprez, HexaGroup CEO.

HubSpot allows teams to integrate digital marketing by combining website maintenance, campaign landing page development, email marketing, social media publishing and advanced analytics in one platform.

A highlight of the website and the heart of TGS’ subsurface data services is its interactive data library with a world map of seismic data. Visitors can search for a region or zoom anywhere on the map and view the current subsurface data for the area. HexaGroup enhanced the data library’s visual presentation and organization to improve overall user experience. 

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