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HexaGroup Named to 20 Most Promising HubSpot Agency Partners for 2020

March 02, 2020

HexaGroup's Recognition Among Top HubSpot Agencies

2020-02-20 (4)HexaGroup has earned the honor of joining CIOReview’s list of the 20 Most Promising HubSpot Agency Partners for 2020.

The national magazine compiled a list of 20 HubSpot agency partners from across the US to guide companies in harnessing the power of the marketing software to generate leads, nurture them through their sales pipeline and convert them into customers, and ultimately, brand ambassadors. 

HexaGroup stood out among the top 20 as an official partner of BBN International, a leading B2B marketing group with agencies in 20 countries, as well as a HubSpot platinum level partner. The marketing agency earned the platinum designation for its level of monthly recurring revenue it manages and its demonstrated inbound marketing success.

HubSpot software facilitates businesses' growth through simplifying marketing automation and customer relationship management while providing rich data analytics.

HexaGroup has spent the last 25 years perfecting a methodology for marketing that balances a client’s budget and goals, and implements a proven process to meet their key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Our team strikes the ideal balance between strategy and consulting, outside-the-box creativity and leading-edge technology,” says Arnaud Dasprez, CEO and founder of HexaGroup, quoted in CIOReview. “But above all, we are marketers driven by results. By working with us, our clients supplement or outsource their marketing departments with expertise impossible to find in one employee.”

HexaGroup’s methodology starts with Clustaar, a proprietary keyword analysis tool, to use Google's wealth of data to evaluate a client’s market size, share, competition and audience. Clustaar enables clients to understand how their target audience searches Google and where to allocate resources and efforts for maximum effectiveness in reaching the audience they most want to attract.

Together with Clustaar, HexaGroup implements a data-driven, KPI-based plan to enable each client to reach their goals for lead generation, brand awareness and business growth, all without resorting to cold calls or shotgun-approach emailing. 

Talk to HexaGroup about growing your business with a creative team backed by leading-edge technology and proven performance.

About HexaGroup

HexaGroup is an award-winning digital marketing agency that blends marketing strategy and implementation, advertising, content creation, and interactive and website development. Based in Houston, Texas, we are experts in B2B marketing and providing solutions that increase ROI without increasing ad spend.


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