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HexaGroup Announces New York City Digital Marketing Branch

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Bringing Texas Ingenuity and Know-How to Our Brooklyn Marketing Office

HexaGroup is proud to officially announce the opening of our new New York City digital marketing branch. We know what you’re thinking: “Another twentysomething moving to Brooklyn? What a surprise.” And while we have been providing digital marketing solutions for more than two decades, this expansion is less about finding ourselves and all about finding new, exciting clients to work with. 

Don’t get us wrong, we have always loved calling Houston, Texas, our home and claiming oil and gas as our primary industry. We’re not putting all of our cowboy boots in storage just yet. We had an opportunity to expand our geographic footprint as well as explore newer industries and thought, “We should do that.” So we did.  

Situated in Brooklyn, our New York City marketing agency gives us direct access to a highly dense and diverse marketplace of startups, small businesses and national brands. Right away, we know that we will be entering into the finance, blockchain and medical industries.

Why a Brooklyn Digital Marketing Branch? 

It makes sense. You have the heart of American finance in Manhattan, some of the country’s best medical institutions and startups throughout the five boroughs and a bourgeoning crypto scene in Brooklyn. 

CASE STUDY: We helped one fintech company glow up and become an industry leader while increasing its search engine rankings. It was like "She All's That" but for a business.

Even beyond those three industries, Brooklyn is home to countless B2B startups, incubators, companies and collections, and now we have the opportunity to meet them in person – socially distanced and masked up, of course.

To New York ... And Beyond

We’ve also learned that for all of New York City’s size, it’s close to other major cities. (This is a foreign concept to the native Texans at HexaGroup.) In fact, we’re just a short train ride from Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia. Full access to the Northeast Corridor and the capital is serious convenience.

We’re excited by what the future holds for us in Brooklyn. We could not have picked a more interesting time to do this, but we believe it is setting us up for another two decades of continued success and growth.

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