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BBN International Ranked Number One B2B Marcom Agency

BBN International has been named the top international B2B marketing and communications agency by B2B Marketing, a leading resource for B2B marketers around the world. 

January 31, 2020



B2B Marketing ranks UK-based and international marcom agencies in its annual benchmarking report. Last year BBN earned the number two spot, and since then it’s only grown with its global gross income increasing 6.3 percent to 89.7 million pounds.

HexaGroup is a proud member of BBN, a collaborative agency-owned organization with more than 1,000 marketing specialists in 30 nations. In addition to growing in gross income, BBN added 197 full-time employees last year. Each agency-partner is an equity shareholder.

BBN unites marketers around the globe and its clients experience the creativity and attention of working with a local agency while enjoying the support of a robust international organization. This collaboration enables agency partners to roll out worldwide marketing strategies effectively and efficiently.

The B2B Marketing report also examined the role of technology and the integrated marcom agency. BBN executive chairman Clif Collier weighed in:

“The good [integrated agencies] can provide the critical insights and the element of ‘magic’ that speaks to the target audiences’ minds and hearts, that resonates with them, that touches them emotionally in this oh-so-rational, technology fixated B2B world.

“Technology now enables our clients’ clients to drive the agenda; therefore, clients also have to engage in this new model. They have to reappraise their historic agency relationships and truly embrace the concept of one team.”

BBN has 47 offices around the world with key locations in Dubai, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong and Munich. Forty-six nationalities, speaking 35 languages, are represented within BBN, making it a truly global marcom agency.

View the full B2B Marketing Benchmarking 2020 Report.

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