This Celebrity Lizard Excels at Delivering Content & Generating Leads

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It’s a common challenge: You need to actively communicate your organization’s information, especially product or service information, and make it easily accessible to various audiences  consistently. Maybe you’re already doing this on your website. But how well are you integrating that same information at trade shows or in sales settings? Inevitably, this leads to the bigger question. How well are you managing your mix of creativity in terms of content, how your message is presented, and how your message is being distributed?

If you’re like most organizations and can envision room for improvement in this area, you should take a look at the lizard. No, not the GEICO Gecko, but the HexaGroup Chameleon, a paperless information delivery solution. Built on a skill set encompassing all the components of content development, HexaGroup developed the extremely flexible Chameleon platform to serve product and service offerings in any given situation. In other words, it’s a tool that changes its “skin” to match its setting.

Content Development IG


Strategically, Chameleon combines high creativity and an intuitive user experience with technical implementation that makes the entire user experience seamless. Part CMS, part data library, part interactive touchscreen, and part presentation engine  Chameleon easily changes shape to accommodate multiple languages, delivery methods, and platform limitations of any given deployment. Web-based, mobile, scalable, easy to configure and maintain, Chameleon is an interactive presentation and sales-enabling platform that complements your website and becomes a valuable collaboration tool between sales and marketing.

Solid Content and Document Management System

Chameleon serves as the central repository for your organization’s content, and based on where you are, presents it in different forms and fashions on all devices, at all times. Powerful in terms of storage, Chameleon houses it all, from data sheets, videos, animations, HTML content, and images, to virtually any type of digital asset you offer. Chameleon facilitates the way your customers search, enables their exploration of your offerings, and becomes a resource for your potential customers. Additionally, Chameleon enhances your engagement in trade shows, improves lead collection, and facilitates paperless interaction.

Accessible from any user screen, Chameleon’s database is an explorable drag-and-drop library of information. By inputting only an email address, users can explore your database by any category you choose, then simply drag the information into their cart and send to their inbox.

Strong Application Distribution System

Chameleon’s engaging user interface is highly flexible and always in sync with the latest data on all devices. It easily morphs into a trade show installation on an oversized touch screen, a sales presentation tool and library on a tablet interface, a self-exploration tool on a lobby kiosk touch screen, and a 24/7 tool on all mobile devices. Designed for easy expansion, Chameleon can contain an unlimited number of environments, allowing you to add more events, company segments, or parts of your organization as desired, while customizing access to content and documents.

Powerful Analytics

In Chameleon, every interaction is tracked and measured by HubSpot, with additional insight provided through Google Analytics.

Chameleon HubSpot

Development Specs

Chameleon is a custom product built on the Microsoft.NET platform, using all the strengths and components of Microsoft.

  • ASP.NET Framework 4.0
  • Web Services
    • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Microsoft Windows Form Application
  • Microsoft Sync Framework
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • BootStrap
  • SQL Server

Chameleon is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows customers to maintain content and assets via a central location and distributed out to multiple devices. It consists of two critical components: a web-based administrative interface and WCF/REST web services. For a Windows platform like Windows Surface, the synchronization is handled via WCF and Windows Form Application. For other devices such as iOS and Android, the device can consume the data by using REST web services.

Chameleon also offers an API to other marketing platforms as well as an API to access scanning or phone camera technology for capturing data at trade shows.

Free Demo - To see a free demo or request more information on Chameleon, contact us.

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