Why Continue Marketing in a Pandemic?

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Why Continue Search Engine Marketing and SEO Efforts? 

  • In a crisis, people Google. Web traffic is up 50% according to one content delivery network. People may be at home, but that doesn't mean they aren't searching for basic needs and the tools they need to consistently operate their businesses. When people ask for answers, you want your information and brand visible. Your essential products and services still fulfill your customers' needs, even in times of uncertainty.
  • Search engine marketing brings in cash. It produces leads and turns them into customers because these businesses and individuals are already looking for what you provide. While sales may dip, you don't want to miss out on any potential closings. For those who are making purchasing decisions now, you want your company at top of mind and at the top of search engines.
  • Search engine marketing services are flexible and trackable. You can see exactly how your ads are performing and how your clients are responding (and you're only paying if they click). Google and display ads have a wealth of analytics and data so you can evaluate views, clicks and return on investment. Then, it's relatively simple to pivot your marketing efforts and invest more resources into high-performing ad campaigns.
  • Business will eventually return to normal. When it does, you don't want to lag behind the curve, since most SEO and marketing efforts take some time to implement and see the results that build incrementally as people find, click and browse your content.

What Can Your Business Do to Keep Growing in Uncertain Times? 

  • Communicate with customers. While always essential, this becomes even more critical in times of change and potential misinformation. Keep your clients informed of any adjustments to hours or services, address common concerns, and share what your staff and company are doing to stay safe and provide excellent service. Reassure your clients that your commitment to your core values and to your customers remain unchanged. 
  • Reallocate resources. As local and international trade shows and events are cancelled, consider allocating those resources to search engine marketing or display advertising, which continue to drive traffic, leads and ROI to your company. 
  • Don't stop SEO efforts. Ranking on Google page one is a continual, sustained effort. Once you've created a solid strategy to get there, keep completing the steps needed to outrank your competition and grow your traffic.
  • Market to your existing customers. Have a solid email list? Consider continuing to share information about the services that your clients can't do without, even if they don't leave the house. Have a large social media follower base? Discuss their questions, provide service information and offer support. 
  • Prepare for a return to normalcy. When the new normal settles in, you want to be ahead of the curve and ready to ramp up your marketing efforts quickly, not have to waste time starting from scratch. Once you've developed a strategy, continue your investment of time and resources to see it through and to see it bring the results you expect. 

Talk to us. We're based in Houston, so our team has weathered a few storms (and hurricanes). Our SEO and search engine marketing services are based on your goals and your key performance indicators. We're ready to help you continue your marketing efforts and develop your strategic plan for business stability, consistency and growth. 

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