Avoiding the Blockchain Graveyard: How Marketing Nourishes the ICO

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The rise of Bitcoin brought with it a new way of thinking. With blockchain, transactions between two parties happen directly, transparently, with both immediate and permanent verifiability.

Beyond facilitating the use of a currency, distributed ledger technology has infinite potential. Thoughtful people needn't be wowed by the coin’s performance to be intrigued by the development of smart contracts and other applications that vastly improve commercial and social interactions.

Bitcoin’s success in capturing the public imagination led to multitudes of ideas for new currencies. Some with particular missions. Some for particular industries.

We witnessed the explosion of altcoins—alternative offerings, promising faster transactions, gentler environmental impact, different applications, and themes to appeal to specific communities. Initial coin offerings became a phenomenon throughout 2017 and 2018, with projects raising billions. Today's ICO market is only becoming more competitive.

Yet as the startup landscape bustles with activity of innovative crypto projects, there are, of course, many that wither before reaching any stage of maturity.

The Crucible of the Initial Coin Offering

Ready to test your mettle? Here it comes. A study by researchers at Boston College suggests that only 44% of new token projects will still be thriving five months after their debuts (though the number is much higher for tokens that achieve listings on exchanges after launching). As for returns on investment, the typical ICO enjoys its strongest performance in the first month. To some extent, this can indicate bubbles surrounding launches. Yet the Boston College study notes the high reward potential for investors who embrace the risk of investment in ICOs.

And there’s a greater richness to this story, of course. Many a promising investment opportunity just needed some verve to survive its formative stages, in the form of forward planning and creative flair.

Failure to respect proper web development and public communications means a forever lost chance to make a strong first impression. Proponents of many of the ICO projects that litter the landscape’s graveyard doubtless felt that pain as they rushed an incomplete project to investors.

Your Competitive Edge: Public Relations

If the ICO deserves to succeed on its own merits, it's well worth submitting the project for an analysis by keen marketing experts who review the whole picture as well as its parts.

A robust marketing plan can now be designed to do its life-preserving work. Your experts should appear in their best light—to bolster your ICO's strength, and to provide the right amount of transparency to lock in public confidence. The ICO’s backstory and purpose should flow through inspiring language, doing justice to your mission.

Then, your core team needs the support of creative and constantly fresh public relations. This includes:

  • Killing it on social media.
  • A website that says: "We're pros."
  • User-friendly infographics and catchy visual content.
  • A welcoming space online to share project news and talk about what’s moving and shaking in the crypto community.
  • Face-to-face events connecting investors and enthusiasts. Note the feedback loop: the more engaged your supporters, the more confidence builds in potential investors.

Give the people what they want and what today's market expects: satisfying results when they search for everything that energizes your ICO's mission.

Launching an Initial Coin Offering? Invest in Your Project's Creative Vitality

Creativity and cutting-edge content are indispensable for ICOs that steer clear of the "blockchain graveyard" and stake out high ground in this exciting marketplace. A marketplace that's already revolutionizing the way people interact and do business.

Prevent a loss of traction before your ICO has its opportunity to flourish. Our team has extensive experience in working with initial coin offering projects. Partner with HexaGroup for best-in-class digital marketing.


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